Thursday, February 15, 2007


lately, i've been thinking about the inside and out - Feist lyric(you dont know about it? try google, my friend).

for a glance, it really has a deep meaning. it looks like this girl, who is talked in the lyric, is deeply in love with her man. i can say, she can't live without him and she can do anything for him. which man doesn't want to have a partner-until-death-do-us-apart like this, huh? :P

Blow out the candle
I will burn again tomorrow
and no matter how you hurt me
i will love you till i die

is it devotion? or is it just stupidity?

let's say, someone that you like is hurting you, does he/she deserve for your love?

hell, no.

a few days ago, i watched the oprah and they talked about abusement in relationship. her guest thought that her relationship is sacred (marriage, of course) and she tried to survive with her abusive husband (for god's sake!). one thing i still remember in that show, oprah said (more or less) if in a sacred relationship, someone is doing something bad to the other one, the relationship wouldn't be sacred anymore. conclusion is we have to respect each other.

so, is it devotion? or is it just stupidity?

for me, it's stupidity.


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Adhi said...

saya mah urang sunda. ieu teh bahasa naon teh? tapi ala kulihal, hunna! maujud kalimatus-syari-i, emm.Mba? gak terlalu kasar ngomongnya-eh nulisnya? eh,nggak tau ah, mungkin uing yang salah paham

upik said...

buat akyu:
tuh lirik DAHSYAT ABEEZ,,,
pra, akhirnya aku bisa membuat bapak Iqbal suka sama lagu ini, dengan menjejalinya sama versi akustiknya,,
Hohohoho,,,bertambah satu lagi yang suka sama lagu ini ^_^