Thursday, April 05, 2007


a few days ago, i went to an exhibition, 'study in UK', together with my sister. actually, im just accompanying her. as far as i see, i think, she's going to get some scholarship and study abroad.

hell, yeah! you go, girl!

when we got there, she was so excited. taking all of the brochures, asking lot of question to the..the...well you know...representatives from UK's universities. not just only her. all of people in that room were excited. and me? what was i doing? im just sat on the chair, read brochures, and ate bolu cake and brownies. was surely delicious one :P

just that.

"why dont you ask them (representatives)?" she asked.

"i dont know what to ask."

yes. i dont know what to ask. i havent thought about this whole things. this whooooole things.

questions were on my head that evening. until now.

suddenly, realized, i havent made a plan for my life.

what am i going to do after i graduate?

what will i do for living?

am i going to find a job?

or am i going to take postgraduate?

what will i take?

am i going to take something related with informatics?

or not? management?




i dont know. one thing i know, i have to take something i like. and it's directed to one question.

what do i like?

even for this question, i cant find the answer.

do i have to start thinking bout this?



4 komentar:

zakka said...

Postingan yang dalem... Jadi kepikir juga... Saya, abis kuliah ini mau ngapain yaaaaaaaa.... Masih bingung juga...

Yah, semoga setelah masuk tingkat 4 udah bisa menentukan mau ngapain dulu setelah lulus S1...

Fir said...
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bagoest said...

kue yg kmu makan itu bukan buat peserta pameran UK, tp buat acara di ruang sebelah, hohohohooooo...
eniwei, tp kuenya enak ya...

Tony said...

It's good to have plans in life, but you have to also remember that not all plans work out.
Take me for example, i studied food technology, and what am i now? a programmer, how the hell did that happen???? Long story!
So you have to be prepared to improvise, do the unplanned, it's your life girl, and you only live it once (or twice at most), so make the right choice.