Saturday, May 19, 2007

three days ago

three days ago was the last day i had class (exams not included) in 6th semester, the most hectic semester. normally, i should happy for that. cause most people say, 7th semester isnt as hectic as 6th.

but i was not. i wasnt happy. i was sad. and i was confused. why should i feel sad? what for?

for no more overload and overlap assignments?
for no more doing graphic assignments every week?
for no more that damn software project documents thing?
for no more doing assignments in long weekend?
for no more deadlines (hopefully you, readers, are not forget to notice the 's' after 'deadline'!)?
for no more stress, panic-stricken, crazy laugh and fool things that we do after we got depressed?


im surely gonna miss those times...

after some sleeps and 8 episodes of grey's anatomy (haha!), i made it clear.

what i felt, wasnt a sad feeling. i was scared.
i was scared for everything in front of me after this.
i was scared for things that will come to me.

i was move on.

im sure everyone must have been felt like that.

it's my time, then.


everything's gonna be ok, rite? :)


6 komentar:

Zakka Fauzan Muhammad said...

Hmmm... Memikirkan masa depan ya mbak rani?? (alah, aneh banget sih, rani... Gak biasa aja...)

Udah ajah,,,

Adhi said...

mmmm, walau aku gak ngerti semua tulisanmu.

Tanya aja diri sendiri. Saya siapa & mau kemana?

gimana kalo seandainya kamu pada kondisi sekarang ini tapi usiamu gak 20 tahun tapi 27 tahun.

Anonymous said...

... (hopefully you, readers, are not forget to notice the 's' after 'deadline'!)? << I didn't

Anonymous said...

semangat :)
aku tahu, 2004 pasti bisa :)

*sedang akan struggling menghadapi semester 5*

PS : aku ganti link yah. please di update :)

Anonymous said...

so am I. I'm scared about the next semeester that I'll be supposed to propose a topic for my TA. To think about that scares me... . Well, damn! What am I gonna do after graduating??

piqs said...

pyuuh.. sama uy.. malah jadi gak pengen cpet2 slesai ni kuliah..

btw, di FT pun smester 6 adalah yang terberat..