Wednesday, December 26, 2007

gomen ne..

i think i just hurt

i just..
i didnt mean to do that.
i dont wanna do it, but i..

coz all of the things that we've been through,
what happened to us,
i just feel like...
it's not..

it is my fault.
i dragged you into this.
i should've do something with this a long time ago.
and i shouldnt have let you...


and i guess, i havent said this to you.

im sorry.
im so, so sorry.

i hope someday you will understand bout what i did.

but dont ask me why,
you should get that explanation by yourself.

coz i know,
and im sure,
you can get it not from me.
all you have to do
is ask to the right person...

and i know,
im not sure that
things will be the same again.
if it doesnt,
wish you have a great new year..

we're still friends rite?

im still wanna be your friend...

im sorry :'(


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