Sunday, August 31, 2008


uh, oh.
baiklah, malam ini saya begitu impulsif.
mengganti template tanpa memikirkan hal-lain-yang-seharusnya-saya-pikirkan.

but i'm so bi-o-ar-i-di. bored.

dan mengganti template pun gara-gara orang ini yg waktu saya ganggu lagi bermain-main sama template.
padahal dari dulu udah nahan-nahan supaya ga main-main dulu sama template.

nanti aja ran, kalo semuanya udah berakhir. puas-puasin deh...

akhirnya main-main juga. i spent two hours to make this worked! this is all your fault uncle! jelir

waktu pertama coba template yang baru ini, udah sadar kalo main-mainnya nanti aja. tapi pas mau ganti, balik lagi ke template lama, ga bisa-bisa.


ya sudahlah ya, diedit saja template barunya...

backgroundnya agak2 ga matching ya ga sih?
shoutboxnya kadang suka miring-miring...
headernya ga muncul...
internet dan laptop pake acara meleletkan diri pula.
dimana-mana kalo makin malem itu makin cepet, lha ini malah ngehang setiap 1 menit selama 3 menit T_T

duh, hari pertama udah diuji begini....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

urang awak!

i've planned to write this post long time ago when i found accidentally that H.R Rasuna Said was a woman and urang awak! ha! (ngacung siapa yg baru tau! jelir).
Her name was Hajjah Rangkayo (definitely Minang) Rasuna Said. You can find her info here.

Couple of times after that, i was in the middle of browsing about indonesian history and found lot of minang people took part in it. let's say, one of our founding father, M.Hatta. Just like all the history book told us, he was born in Bukittinggi and studied in Padang a few years before he moved to Batavia. One of our prime minister, Sutan Syahrir. Born in Padang Panjang, few times got exiled with M.Hatta, got jailed without trial in 1962.

and then, we have Mr. Sjafrudin Prawiranegara. Even though he was born in Banten but he still had Minangese blood. His great-grandfather, Sutan Alam Intan, was descendant from Raja Pagaruyung. There's a little bit controversy about him. Some articles said he 'kudeta' indonesian government but some others said, he was trying to save 'kedaulatan indonesia' by making an emergency government in west sumatra.

other person with controversy is Tan Malaka (his fullname was Sutan Ibrahim gelar Datuk Tan Malaka). He was a communist (an irony, afaik, Minang is very 'kental' dengan Islam) and people were forbidden to read his book.

other person surprisingly i found was Abdul Muis. Yes, one of 'trayek angkot' in Bandung is from the name of urang awak ihikhik. Born in Sungai Puar, Bukittinggi, he passed away in 1959 and buried in Bandung (dunno where).

and i'm sure there are many more of them.

interesting fact, most of them were writers. M.Hatta and Sutan Syahrir often wrote for "Daulat Rakjat", Mr. Sjafrudin with his "Sejarah Moneter", Tan Malaka with "Menuju Republik Indonesia" in 1925, and Abdul Muis, of course, with his masterpiece, "Salah Asuhan". Suddenly i remembered Buya Hamka - "Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck", Marah Roesli with the famous roman "Siti Nurbaya", Mochtar Lubis was founder of literature magazine "Horison" and also a journalist and a writer of many books, Taufiq Ismail who doesn't know him?, and recently, we have rani! E.S Ito. If you like to watch "Suami-suami takut istri", you'll find Uda Faisal as a writer too. jelir

writing is in our blood, isn't it? sengihnampakgigi

Thursday, August 21, 2008

extremely frequently asked questions

yea, i know, it's very very lebay.
but, who cares?

1. Udah lulus belum?
everybody asked this. i mean, eeeeeeeeeverybody. my family, elementary school's friends, junior high school's friend, high school's friend, (bien sur) college's friends, bloggers, even new friends...around

update 19 sept:
insyaAllah 25 okt wisuda, kalo revisinya selesai T_T
barengan pesta blogger nih......huhuhuhuhuhuhu..
2. Kapan lulus?
secepatnya. as soon as possible. tout de suite. sengihnampakgigi

update 19 sept:
sama kayak no.1
3. Kapan pra sidang/sidang?
ga tau...siul

update 19 sept:
pra sidang 5 september.
sidang 12 september.
4. Gimana *beep**beep*nya?
still workin on it. and i always answer that way jelir
believe it or not, when i attended my friend's wedding ceremony, first thing she asked was this question! can you believe that? where are all those basa-basi-things-thank-you-for-my-coming???

5. Tentang apa *beep**beep*nya?
hmmm...intinya mengolah data keuangan, data transaksi, dan data pelanggan untuk mencari pelanggan mana yang memberikan keuntungan (besar/kecil) kepada perusahaan. desktop-application, c# dan sql server. lebih lengkapnya, baca aja buku *beep**beep* saya nanti. ihikhik

6. Kapan nikah?
pertanyaan yang tiba-tiba jadi sering ditanyakan akhir-akhir ini karena tiba-tiba banyak orang yang nikah dua bulan belakangan ini. yang terdeteksi (entah berapa yang menikah diam-diam) sekitar 8 atau 9 orang teman yang sudah dan akan nikah. ihikhik
saya? dunno. sais pas. yang jelas tidak dalam waktu dekat, engga dalam tahun ini. entah tahun depan. ah, engga juga kayaknya. mungkin tahun depannya lagi. sengihnampakgigi
*menandai tanggal-tanggal cantik di 2010, 2011, atau 2012 setan*

karena banyak yang nanya, nambah lagi deh pertanyaannya.

7. Udah punya calon? Siapa calonnya?
Belum punya, belum ada. sengihnampakgigi

maybe i should bring this everywhere...

anything else? is there still another question?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

omong kosong

sebelum *beep**beep* kelar,
merdeka itu hanya omong kosong.
ampoon kk...sembah

Thursday, August 14, 2008


i am avoiding you
for good
for not hurting each other
(ain't we?
or it's just me?)
a note, founded this afternoon.

je t'evite
pour de bon
pour ne pas se blesser(?)
(n'est-ce pas?
ou c'est juste moi?)
un petit-mot, a trouve cet apres-midi.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

L’examen oral – the oral test

L'apres-midi, j'ai eu examen, l'oral! Huhuhuhu… Je suis tres, tres, tres nerveux nerveuse. Je ne sais pas pourqoui. A l'oral, nous (je dois ajouter 'nous' ou pas? Je 'googling' et je trouve 'nous nous sommes donnes', il n'y a pas 'nous sommes donnes') sommes on est donne les subjets. Puis, nous choisissons on choisit un subjet sans voir (a l'indonesie, nous l'appelons on l'appelle 'dikocok' :P).

La semaine derniere, ma professeur m'a donne les subjets pour le test. Il y avait neuf subjets : parler de votre famille, d'une chambre, de vacances derniere, la vie quotidienne, ce week-end, un(e) ami(e) vous aimer, gouts, des films, et qu'est-ce que vous avez fait ce samedi dernier. Toute la semaine, je prepare ce que je parlerai pour chaque subjet.

Enfin, pour moi, le subjet est etait de vacances derniere! j'ai deja prepare pour ca! hohohohohoho…

Alors, j'ai parle de ma vacances avec mon père au (ou en? sais pas :P) en Malais Malaysie. Il y avait encore comme « » quand je pense de ce que je dirai. Ma professeur m'a dit de ne pas penser la grammaire. Mais, je ne peux pas, madame!

Puis, j'ai dit 81 [katr(e) veng e tang], ce devrais etre [katr(e) veng te ang]!!!

Stupide! stupide! stupide!

Comment se fait-il que j'ai dit ca??? huhuhuhu…

C'est honteux! c'est honteux!! c'est honteux!!! T_T

Il y a une phrase que je ne peux pas traduire en (ou au?) francais. Elle est une reponse quand ma professeur m'a demande si j'ai peur ou pas se promenade seule (oui, je me suis promenee seule, parce que mon père a du travaille). J'ai reponde « non, ma mere m'a dit si j'ai peur…. », je n'ai pas pouvoir pu continuer la phrase. Je n'ai pas savoir su comment dire la phrase en francais. Si en anglais : « no, my mother said to me, if i were afraid and i was already there, then it'd be useless »

Je n'ai parle rien pour quelque secondes. Penser de la bonne phrase.

« C'est difficile (la phrase)? »

« oui…c'est difficile, madame… »

La conversation est mieux que ma conversation derniere quand je suis teste pour entrer le cours au janvier. Cette fois, j'ai comprene compris ce que ma professeur me disait. Hehehehehe…

p.s. tout le monde, examiner la grammaire, s'il vous plait. Merci…


This afternoon, i had a test, oral test! Huhuhuhu… I was so so so nervous. I didn't know why. In this oral test, we are were given some topics. Then, we choose chose one topic without look at it (in Indonesia, we called it 'dikocok'). A week ago, my teacher gave me (and my friends) the topics. There are were nine: talk about your family, about a room, about last vacation, about daily life, about weekend, about your friend whom you like (or love), hobbies, films, and what did you do last Saturday. During this week, i prepared what i would say for each topic.

Finally, for me, the topic was about my last vacation! I was already prepared for that! hohohohohoho…

So, i talked about my last vacation with my father at Malay. There was still like « » when i thought about what i would say. My teacher told me not to think the grammar. But, i can't couldn't, ma'am!

Then, i said 81 [katr(e) veng e tang], it should be [katr(e) veng te ang]!!!

Stupid! stupid! stupid!

How come i said that??? huhuhuhu…

It's shameful! It's shameful!! It's shameful!!! T_T

There was one sentence that i couldn't translate it to french. It was the answer when i was asked if i was afraid or not travelling alone (yes, i was travelling alone coz my father had to work). I answered « no, my mother said to me… », i couldn't continue the sentence. I didnt know how to say it in french.

I said nothing for a while. Thinking the right sentence.

« It 's Is it difficult (the sentence)? »

« yes, it's difficult, ma'am… »

The conversation was better than my last conversation for replacement test in january. This time, i understood what my teacher said to me. Hehehehehe…

p.s. everyone, please check my grammar. Thanx…

Friday, August 08, 2008

test test

just testing blogging using (it rhymes or i used too many -ing?) cellphone..
i'll update this post later, i don't think i can stand blogging like this.

maybe i should get a more appropriate cellphone.. >:)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

you don't have to get a master in physic first if you wanna learn chemistry, rite?

i should start to write in english.
i know my english is not that good, so let me know if i'm making a mistake. CMIIW.

lately i've been thinking, if you want to practice your english, writing in a blog is one of the best way. you're not just having one teacher to teach you, not just people around you, beside you, in front of you, behind you, but you're having everyone in this world who connect to the internet to teach you. well, it depends to their kindness too. they want to correct you or not. jelir

ok, now i'm really feeling weird to do doing this.

beside english, i should start to write in french too. according to the level in my french course, i should have the capability to write about present, past, and future. apparently, it's about all, huh?
other purpose: so i don't easily forget everything i've learned. coz i've almost finished my course for this term and i don't know if i will continue or not. but relax, i'll translate my french post to english, so you, readers, still can read it. sengihnampakgigi

damn (should we censor this?), this post is like a post from a high school or maybe even from a junior high school student. shame on me! shaaaaaaaaaamee...

few people asked me why i took a french course not english, although i knew that my english hasn't good yet. and i always answered: because i wanted to. and sometimes i added it with: i already have the facilities. i have the dictionary, livre de conjugaison, some french comics and books, and even my sister still have my mother's 'learning french book' from 80's (and then she gave it to me). technically, i spend less money than learn other language, except english.

and one day, suddenly my brain came up with a better answer: you dont have to get a master in physic first if you wanna learn chemistry, rite?