Saturday, August 30, 2008

urang awak!

i've planned to write this post long time ago when i found accidentally that H.R Rasuna Said was a woman and urang awak! ha! (ngacung siapa yg baru tau! jelir).
Her name was Hajjah Rangkayo (definitely Minang) Rasuna Said. You can find her info here.

Couple of times after that, i was in the middle of browsing about indonesian history and found lot of minang people took part in it. let's say, one of our founding father, M.Hatta. Just like all the history book told us, he was born in Bukittinggi and studied in Padang a few years before he moved to Batavia. One of our prime minister, Sutan Syahrir. Born in Padang Panjang, few times got exiled with M.Hatta, got jailed without trial in 1962.

and then, we have Mr. Sjafrudin Prawiranegara. Even though he was born in Banten but he still had Minangese blood. His great-grandfather, Sutan Alam Intan, was descendant from Raja Pagaruyung. There's a little bit controversy about him. Some articles said he 'kudeta' indonesian government but some others said, he was trying to save 'kedaulatan indonesia' by making an emergency government in west sumatra.

other person with controversy is Tan Malaka (his fullname was Sutan Ibrahim gelar Datuk Tan Malaka). He was a communist (an irony, afaik, Minang is very 'kental' dengan Islam) and people were forbidden to read his book.

other person surprisingly i found was Abdul Muis. Yes, one of 'trayek angkot' in Bandung is from the name of urang awak ihikhik. Born in Sungai Puar, Bukittinggi, he passed away in 1959 and buried in Bandung (dunno where).

and i'm sure there are many more of them.

interesting fact, most of them were writers. M.Hatta and Sutan Syahrir often wrote for "Daulat Rakjat", Mr. Sjafrudin with his "Sejarah Moneter", Tan Malaka with "Menuju Republik Indonesia" in 1925, and Abdul Muis, of course, with his masterpiece, "Salah Asuhan". Suddenly i remembered Buya Hamka - "Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck", Marah Roesli with the famous roman "Siti Nurbaya", Mochtar Lubis was founder of literature magazine "Horison" and also a journalist and a writer of many books, Taufiq Ismail who doesn't know him?, and recently, we have rani! E.S Ito. If you like to watch "Suami-suami takut istri", you'll find Uda Faisal as a writer too. jelir

writing is in our blood, isn't it? sengihnampakgigi

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