Saturday, August 02, 2008

you don't have to get a master in physic first if you wanna learn chemistry, rite?

i should start to write in english.
i know my english is not that good, so let me know if i'm making a mistake. CMIIW.

lately i've been thinking, if you want to practice your english, writing in a blog is one of the best way. you're not just having one teacher to teach you, not just people around you, beside you, in front of you, behind you, but you're having everyone in this world who connect to the internet to teach you. well, it depends to their kindness too. they want to correct you or not. jelir

ok, now i'm really feeling weird to do doing this.

beside english, i should start to write in french too. according to the level in my french course, i should have the capability to write about present, past, and future. apparently, it's about all, huh?
other purpose: so i don't easily forget everything i've learned. coz i've almost finished my course for this term and i don't know if i will continue or not. but relax, i'll translate my french post to english, so you, readers, still can read it. sengihnampakgigi

damn (should we censor this?), this post is like a post from a high school or maybe even from a junior high school student. shame on me! shaaaaaaaaaamee...

few people asked me why i took a french course not english, although i knew that my english hasn't good yet. and i always answered: because i wanted to. and sometimes i added it with: i already have the facilities. i have the dictionary, livre de conjugaison, some french comics and books, and even my sister still have my mother's 'learning french book' from 80's (and then she gave it to me). technically, i spend less money than learn other language, except english.

and one day, suddenly my brain came up with a better answer: you dont have to get a master in physic first if you wanna learn chemistry, rite?

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