Wednesday, September 03, 2008


everybody has their own picture of heaven. like here, she has the idea of her heaven. and as i commented, her idea resembled mine: a drink (and maybe with some healthy snacks) and stuffs, could be internet, movies, or/and books.

and i decided to build my own heaven on earth.

for drink, one thing i could think of is a drink that i love recently, a choco. remembered about a choco-drink-post by him, had the idea to buy it, so i could have a cheaper choco-drink with the same taste (i hope) as Dunk*n's (IMHO, best choco until now). he said Cadb*ry was the best. but when i found out the price, hell no....56thousands!!! fifty-six-thousands for 18 sachet of choco-drink...

you pikir uang bisa dipetik dari pohon???

well, it's true that i could have a (about) 3k choco-drink with that, much much cheaper than Dunk*n's (above 10k). but spending 56k at a time is harder than spending 3k 18 times, no?

in the end, i bought a 9k-choco-drink original (it's local product. support local product!!! *menghiburdiri*) which i didn't know how many cups it could make. but i'm sure more than 3 cups sengihnampakgigi.

so why choco? according to this, a real choco (dark choco) benefits the circulatory system, anticancer, brain stimulator, cough preventor, antidiarrhoeal, possesses antioxidant, and so on, and so on. healthy, as long as we don't take it too much.

does this 9k-choco-drink give me that?
ng....consider it does. jelir

and what's with the mug?

it's just my little obsession. i love gilmore girls series. if you watch that too, i'm sure you know that Lorelai and Rory like to drink coffee at Luke's. they usually drink it with a mug, a big mug, almost like a bowl. everytime i see them drinking with that mug, it's...a perfect picture.

after searching it everywhere, finally found with blue color. love it.

and today, i've downloaded my fav film series.

mission completed.

so what's your heaven on earth?

parfait (fr): perfect.

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