Sunday, October 26, 2008


for me, graduation is about waiting.
waiting for the d day.
waiting to get in the auditorium.
waiting for the occasion get started.
waiting to handshake with rektor.
waiting to take photos with rektor.
waiting to get to gerbang depan so we can do that 'arak-arakan' thing :D

during those times, we chat, laugh, took many many pictures, and complaining :P

and that, what makes us excited, makes it special, memorable.

not the handshake that we did just for a few seconds (eventhough technically i'm not shaking hand),
not the photo that we took with rektor.

arak-arakan? well, that one quite memorable :)

every time i see the picture with rektor, what i'll remember is not about how rektor smiled at me or else, but about my waiting times before it and my life in campus.

it's all about the process that matters.

happy graduation, everyone! :)

thanx to quch, nyer (kok mawarnya ga biru sih? :P), dini for the flowers, and qbel for the book :)

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