Tuesday, March 31, 2009

give me my visa!

so, today i went to the visa office to extend my visa. today was like my third time went there. in the last two, they said i need more documents because i applied for F visa, business visa. then i've prepared all of the documents, sit there waiting my turn, hope this was the last time i should go there.

when i went to the desk, i was served by a woman. she started asking me questions, in english, about what i do here, until when, what i do in indonesia, what my education background, blabla. and then she went, maybe to ask someone about my documents. when she got back, she talked in chinese to my friend (who accompany me), from her voice tone, i knew something went wrong. she gave my documents back.

and i asked, "what?"
"rejected," she said.
"what? what should i..."
"no, you can't get your visa. it's only 30 days. you should go (to indonesia) before tomorrow."

i can't say a word. how can i go back before tomorrow???

and my friend had an idea. she took another queue number, so maybe we could go to another officer. she took three times, in three different time. just in case one of the queue number would be that woman again -_-

the first number was the officer right beside that cruel woman. and i said, no! no, no, she could recognize me. then we waited for the second number, prayed hard that the officer wouldn't be that woman. and yes, the second number was a man, two or three desks away from the woman. he talked in a normal tone, asked about me to my friend in chinese. he was nicer than the woman. but then he gave me back my documents. he said i should get another document, the one that i brought was not enough.

for god's sake.

well, at least he didnt say that i should go back before tomorrow...

but my friend wanted to go to another officer. then we waited again for the third number. and we prayed again it wouldn't be that cruel woman or the second officer, and should be a man!

and yes, it was another officer and a man. fiuh.

surprisingly, he said the document was ok, i just need to copy one of the document.

hah. freakin crazy.

i remembered when i applied for this visa in china embassy at jakarta, the women officers were not really nice, too. i dont like their tone when they talk to me. what' s wrong with these women???
when i told my day today to my other friend, he told me that they gave your visa depend on their mood. if they dont like you, they wont give it.


lesson learned:
1. for AIESEC traineeship, just get tourist visa!
2. men are nicer than women. pick them.

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