Friday, March 20, 2009


few things i noticed since i got here...

1. people are staring, i mean like STAAARIIING at you. sometimes i looked back at them, then i looked to another direction and when i looked back at them again, they were still staring at me! wew. yeah, a veil is a very very rare in china, plus i dont look like a chinese also. now i know how celebrities feel when everybody looks at them. well, i'm getting used to it. hehehehe...

2. i like the transportation, bus and subway. a bus should stop at the bus stop, passengers should get on and off at the bus stop. i've seen an oldman knocking at the bus door when the light was red. the driver just shook his head. that's what we should do! law is law. and why there's no subway in indonesia? busway is not enough, we still can get a traffic jam. hail subway!

3. manners. i found veeery rare, people give their seat to elders. i don't know if it's not include in their norm. and i don't know either how it is now in indonesia. i used pubtrans a.k.a angkot which all the passengers have their own seat. how about on the bus?

4. parks! looooooove the parks! not too close to the roads, with the trees, bench, bridge, lake, and singing birds. hmmmm..i bet it's really beautiful in autumn :)

5. the apartments. yes, they need lots lots of apartments to accomodate lots lots LOTS of people. not like in indonesia where apartment is a prestigious place, here everyone lives there. and all i can see is clothes hanger outside...

6. the products. well, what can i say? sengihnampakgigi

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