Tuesday, March 03, 2009


in the bus. with new friend.
new friend: so, you watch G*ssip G*rl?
me: yea!
new friend: me, too..
me: i think, my last episode was 11, 12 or 13. i don't remember.
new friend: oh, i think the newest is 16.
me: so, do you watch it on tv or you download it?
new friend: download it..
me: ooow...can i copy it from you?
new friend: yeah, sure...


me: oh, great! that's great! what else do you watch?
new friend: mmm...H*w I M*t Y*ur M*ther?
me: oooh! i like that one, too. but i just watched several eps in season 1...
new friend: i also only have it like..until season 3..
me: do you have the first season?
new friend: yeah, i have it..
me: GREAT! can i copy that too?
new friend: sure!


new friend: ok, what else do you watch?
me: mmmm...B*g B*ng The*ry?
new friend: oh! i love Sheldon!
me: yeah, i like him, too. he's sooo funny!
new friend: yes..
me: can i copy that too?
new friend: of course. but you have flashdisk or something, right?
me: yeah, flashdisk, harddisk, laptop, i have them. you dont have to worry about it!
new friend: ok..

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