Wednesday, April 29, 2009

english names

i just found out here that chinese people choose their own english name. i thought they had it since they were babies, like a real name. but it wasn't. once, i met a new friend, and she didnt know which one her english name was because she had changed it three times!

some of them choose common names, like jerry, joey, tracy (quite popular, i found three people), frank, amy, etc etc, but some of them dont.

there are cute names, like bonnie, vanilla, kiwi, rainbow, cherish, candy, mimi, melody.
or not-very-common names, like libra, cola. wonder if there's coca out there...

this morning, i found out that my roommate's friend named fish. yes. fish. as a surname.

but still, i think the ultimate one is the one that my friend found. he found a girl, named CUCUMBER.

Monday, April 20, 2009

beijing huan ying wo* :)

in my first week in china, which was in beijing, i had little time for sightseeing. i even couldn't make it to the Great Wall! sooo not coool. for me, you haven't gone to China if you've never been there! =P so last weekend, i went back there, by myself. this time i felt really suck to travel alone. i had many pictures with just my head and the background. or it's just half of my head. or even worse, without me on it! huh.

anywaaaay, after 13 hours train Shanghai-Beijing, first destination: The Great Wall! there are many spots of the wall: Mutianyu, Ju Yong Guan, Ba Da Ling, etc. I chose Ba Da Ling coz many people said it's the good one. it was really simple to go there.

1. Go to Jishuitan subway station (line 2), exit C.
2. Walk to the right and find Deshengmen (Desheng Gate - some kind of fortress), on the left of the road.
Deshengmen3. Walk to the Deshengmen and find the 919 bus terminal. It's the north side of the fortress.
4. There are 3 type of 919 bus there. Find the Deshengmen-Badaling sign, that one is a tourist bus. It goes straight to Badaling. Pick the bus with the officers in blue uniform.

I have to pay 12 yuan for the bus, one way. When arrived in Badaling, 40 yuan for the Great Wall ticket. I bought another 60 yuan ticket for 'rollercoaster'. Yeah, a rollercoaster.
First, i didnt know about the rollercoaster thing, coz it was one packet with the ticket. so they have this rollercoaster that bring you up and down from the wall. actually, i wanted to climb stairs, but since i've already bought it, nothing i could do =P

after i went to the wrong direction when searching the bus stop,
after a little be fooled by 'guide gadungan',
after one hour trip from beijing to badaling,

finally i could see this incredible and fascinating view with my own eyes!

Next day, next destination: The Summer Palace. I went there by bus, at Jiangguomennei Dajie. It's near the Beijing Railway Station (Beijing Zhan). Forgot the number of the bus, i think it's 802 or 205, with the destination to Beijing West Station (Beijing Xi Zhan).

Beijing West StationAt the Beijing West Station, there are many bus stops there. Find the 374 bus stop. It's straight to the Summer Palace (Yi He Yuan) south gate.

It was really big. Huge. the Palace was in the hill, so i have to climb up to go there. but, unfortunately, we couldn't go inside, just saw it from outside of the Palace. ck. not cool.

Last destination was Beijing Zoo. the only information that i had was i had to go to Xi Zhi Men subway station, line 2. actually, i didnt know for sure how to go there from Summer Palace. and i 'accidentally' got out at the east gate. then blank. didnt know where to go, i just go with the flow of people sengihnampakgigi.

lucky me, it's near the terminal station of buses. but then, i didnt know what bus should i take. i found a bus to the Qianmen, a subway station too for line 2, which i need. and after i read the map of the bus, it passed Jishuitan, also line 2, nearer to Xi Zhi Men sengihnampakgigi. Great!

Beijing zoo front gate
to go to Beijing Zoo, at the Xi Zhi Men station, go out at the exit A and walk to the right. walk walk walk for about 10-15 minutes. after that, i could see this cute pandaaaaaaaa...

*) beijing welcomes me

Thursday, April 09, 2009

impulsif ke-x

iya, ke-x, dengan x adalah bilangan asli, karena saya ga tau udah berapa banyak cerita di blog ini tentang ke-impulsif-an saya (-_-)"

jadi ceritanya, saya ingin beli sumpit. buat dipake pas makan, supaya kerasa 'suasana' chinanya gitu. plus, buat ningkatin skill pake sumpit :P

pergi ke wal mart, mencari sumpit yg dijual satuan. sebelum nyampe wal mart, mampir ke toko satu harga, kayak toko 5000an, tapi yang ini 10yuan-an, sekitar 20ribu. bertemulah mata ini dengan sumpit warna biru(!) dengan gambar sakura. cuantik buanget.

liat-liat alternatif sumpit lain, inginnya sih yang ada ornamen chinanya, lumayan buat kenang-kenangan. udah ngubek-ngubek bagian sumpit, ternyata ga ada. sumpit-sumpit lain ornamennya biasa aja. anehnya, semua sumpit yang ada di toko itu made in japan! masa china ga produksi sumpit sih?

dilanjutkan mencari sumpit ke wal mart. ada sumpit yg satuan, ada sumpit buat banyakan. dan sebagian besar, made in japan. ada sumpit satuan seharga 1 yuan, warna coklat. dan hiasannya? pemain kabuki dan huruf-huruf jepang. lah, kalo hiasannya jepang-jepang juga, mendingan sumpit sakura tadi toh. cuantik buanget. biru lagi.

nemu juga sumpit yang china banget, warna merah dan gambarnya naga. 6.9 3.5 yuan *edited - ke wal mart lagi, ngecek sumpit lagi. ternyata harganya lebih murah lagi >_<. tapiii...dijualnya per dua sumpit dan di bungkus plastiknya dong, itu dua sumpit judulnya: Lover's Pair Chopstick - 2 Pairs. *edited

haaaaa...cape dee..

mikir-mikirlah saya. kalau beli yang Lover's Pair, sia-sia 1 sumpit. di indo ga bakalan sering make sumpit juga. judul sumpitnya kayak gitu pula...
beli yg satuan, hiasannya jejepangan. kalo jejepangan, ya mending sumpit sakura yang cuantik buanget itu dong. 10 yuan, cukup worth it. kayaknya.

diputuskanlah beli sumpit bergambar sakura berwarna biru yang cuantik buanget itu!

dalam perjalanan pulang, terjadi perdebatan diantara dua suara di kepala saya...

suara 1: yang dicari kan sumpit bernuansa china! kenapa malah beli sumpit yang ini??
suara 2: tapi sumpit yang ini cantiiik..warna biruuuuu...
suara 1: yang penting kan hiasan chinanya, bukan warna!
suara 2: tapi kan...
suara 1: kenapa ga beli yang Lover's Pair aja?? sumpit yang satunya kan bisa buat oleh-oleh. bodo amat ama judul sumpit! lebih murah lagi! 6.9 yuan dapet 2!

suara 2 tidak bisa berkata apa-apa lagi...

kenapaa..kenapaa saya begitu impulsiif...nangih