Wednesday, April 29, 2009

english names

i just found out here that chinese people choose their own english name. i thought they had it since they were babies, like a real name. but it wasn't. once, i met a new friend, and she didnt know which one her english name was because she had changed it three times!

some of them choose common names, like jerry, joey, tracy (quite popular, i found three people), frank, amy, etc etc, but some of them dont.

there are cute names, like bonnie, vanilla, kiwi, rainbow, cherish, candy, mimi, melody.
or not-very-common names, like libra, cola. wonder if there's coca out there...

this morning, i found out that my roommate's friend named fish. yes. fish. as a surname.

but still, i think the ultimate one is the one that my friend found. he found a girl, named CUCUMBER.

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