Saturday, October 31, 2009

quotes of the day!

okay, it's from Grey's Anatomy Season 6, eps 7. the story was about a patient (isaac) who had a spinal cord tumor, which was an inoperable tumor. this conversation happened in the o.r. before the operation started.
derek: Isaac, if I get in there, and it looks too dangerous to remove, the responsible thing is to close you back up.
isaac: No, don't close me up. If you get in and if it's too complicated, cut the cord.
isaac: Paralyze me if you must.
isaac: I survived a war. Did you know that?
derek: No.
isaac: I survived a war where they put bodies into mass graves. Where there's once a playground.
isaac: I survived the death of my family--My parents, my brothers and sisters.
isaac: Then I survived the death of my wife and child, when they starved to death in the refugee camp.
isaac: I survived the loss of my country, of hearing my mother tongue spoken, of knowing what it feels like to have a place to call home.
isaac: I survived. And I will survive the loss of my legs. If I have to, I'll survive it.
isaac: Okay? But, derek...
derek: Yes?
isaac: There is always a way. When things look like there's no way, There is a way.
isaac: To do the impossible, to survive the unsurvivable. There's always a way.
and i was stunned.

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