Sunday, January 31, 2010

she imagines

she imagines that she's sick. then she will tell him about that.
then she let him go. but he wont let her go.
then he always beside her.
he always there.
act like nothing happened.
then she'll tell him what he want to hear.


she imagines he get an accident. she knows it from his friend.
in the middle of working hours, she's panick.
then rushes to the hospital and finds he's in coma.
she sit at the edge of the bed. talking to him as usual. laughing at their jokes like noone watching.
hoping he will open his eyes.

she's there.
always there.

but then those eyes just shut.

she cries a bit at the funeral. watching from the beginning till end.
at his tomb, when everybody has gone, then she'll cry some more.

one two three four five six seven.

then she'll pray.
then she'll talk.
then she goes home.
then she'll come over again.

then seldom.

then she knows, she's gonna move on.

taken from somewhere.
sad. so sad.

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piqs said...

sedih kk.. gw jd inget cerita sedih yg gw pernah denger..