Saturday, May 08, 2010

never say never

it's been a month since my last post. busy with this project equals pile of works and deadlines! *this is such a lame and cliche line*


but not that bad actually.

i never imagined i was going to work here. before, this place was my last last last choice or maybe it was never on the list :p
i have less skills and i underestimate my ownself. and i've heard a few not-so-good stories about this company.

but sometimes, we just have to face it. deal with it. try it and see how the result is.

i'm having fun here! :))

well, let's wait a couple of months. maybe my opinion will change :p

4 komentar:

piqs said...


Well, you see, sometime people say situation like that is "kualat"

having fun? good for you! :D

Lafrania said...

mengkenye never say never :P

ricong said...

mang dpt dmn nek? udeh jalani ajalah, yg semangat!

Ade said...

oui madam oui