Sunday, July 25, 2010


This is me with my big sister. This picture was taken in Stuttgart, Dec 1988. We were still in France back then, had a family trip to Stuttgart, visited some kind of park, which I dont remember, of course.

And as people said, you never know what life can brings you into or life is about connecting the dots or whatever..

Dear Lafrania Taufik,


The IMSE Erasmus Mundus Master Consortium is pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the first edition of the Erasmus Mundus International Master in Service Engineering programme, starting in the academic year 2010/2011. The IMSE programme is an Erasmus Mundus Master Course, which is jointly delivered by University of Stuttgart (Germany), University of Crete (Greece) and Tilburg University (the Netherlands).

yes, in a couple of weeks, i'll be back in Stuttgart!
and the struggle will begin. doakan sayaaaaa! XD

crazy life, isn't it?

and it got crazier, the guy here, is also get this kind of scholarship but different programme. I met him in the pre-departure briefing.

c to the r to the a z y.

and by the way, my head looks so big on that pic, doesnt it? :-?

8 komentar:

Zakka Fauzan Muhammad said...

Apakah "my head looks so big" juga termasuk kegilaan disana? :P

*gak penting*

echaboy said...

Asik, congrats Pra! Wah, ketemu lagi sama orang yang ketemu di kereta? Small world this is...

Krisantus said...

Wah asik ada temen sekelas! Sampai jumpa di Stuttgart he..he..Mudah-mudahan ga bakal struggle disono.

piqs said...

astaga, aurat aurat :P

montercplus said...

met lamet buyut RT! sukses disana, jgn lupa oleh2 donk hag2

paw said...

Herzliche Gl├╝ckwnsch!

Fanny said...

congrats Lafra :D. Btw, kayaknya aku kenal 'the guy here' nya :p.

R****d* bukan? :p

putri setiani said...

Lafraa, nikah duluu!

Selamat2, semoga selamat sampai tujuan =D