Thursday, September 16, 2010

wanted: IT architect

so today the prof told us about his (funny) story. it was something like this...

I'm not exaggerating, but lately many CIO from companies had phoned me and asked for IT architects. Asked if there's Ph.D people who can come to the company to be IT architect. I said yes, I have Ph.D, but they have to work on their tasks. I have master students also but I shouldn't recommend them. I can recommend my employees but not my master students.

These companies really need IT architect. All we did was thinking about how to build application, the implementation, the complexity of algorithm, and so on but actually, they (companies) don't care about these things! They need people who knows about the IT infrastrucure and can combine it with the business. How they interact, how they work together!

And a shocking thing, because of this lack of IT architect, they (company/companies) really hire a real architects, people who build house! and they gave them computer science courses. i'm shocked! this is crazy!!


i dont know if it's only one or many company, but... seriously? :O

the term 'IT architect' is not really often i heard about. frankly, 'architect' was sometimes the word or topic I ignored in lecture slides back then :p
and when you're asked about what kind of IT job do you want, the answer wont be too far from programmer, system analyst, business analyst, or something like that.

so what is the difference between IT architect and other IT jobs I've said before?

I'm not quite sure actually but I think, CMIIW, IT architect should be the person inside the company, who knows how the business runs, what IT tools and infrastructure the company has, and importantly, how to manage all of them. Plus, must be aware about new technologies, which one is really needed for the company.

and it requires experience.

or maybe IT architect is just the same with others, we only 'renew' it, as what IT guys always do :p

Sunday, September 12, 2010

syawal 1431 H :)

disclaimer: gonna be a lot of photos. fakir benwit, terimalah nasibmu nak :p

tahun ini jadi idul fitri pertama di negeri orang lain. ga ada takbiran, ga ada kue lebaran, ga libur(!), tapi tetep seru kok. ga seru gimana, tahu hari itu hari lebaran di pagi hari jam 7 padahal sebelum subuh masih sahur :))

salat ied baru di hari berikutnya *bolos kuliah sejam. hoho*, karena emang telat tahunya. di stuttgart, salat ied diadakan di dalam ruangan, namanya Kulturhaus Arena. lumayan jaraknya dari uni, 2 kali ganti transport.
salatnya sekitar jam 8-8.30, lupa ngecek jam. setelah solat, ada khutbah dalam bahasa arab tapi ada terjemahannya di layar, dalam bahasa jerman T_T

duh, foto sama orang-orang indonesianya malah ga ada. padahal udah makan bareng juga :D foto menyusul deh, acara halal bihalalnya baru minggu depan soalnya :))

dalam rangka menyambut idul fitri, uni stuttgart ngadain flohmarkt, a.k.a pasar loak!

engga deng, boong. pas aja diadainnya setelah idul fitri :p

segala macam barang dijual disini. dari yg standar sampe ga standar.

ada baju, sepatu, tas, buku... ada lampu bintang warna biruuu...
ada koleksi smurf! banyak abeess...
ada boneka pajangan...dan coklat lindt 1 euro sajah! :9

dan hasil perburuan adalaaaaah...

coklat, 2 euro...

sweater 2 euro, gelas 50 sen, handuk 50 sen, ikat pinggang *ga kepoto* 1 euro, daaaan...

BOOTS! 30 euro :)) *udah belanja aja padahal uang beasiswa belum turun XD*
ampuuun, bolak-balik ke penjual sampe 3 kali minta 20 euro tapi tetep ga turun harganya. ya sudahlah. semoga awet kamu ya, boot :*


happy eid mubarak everyone! :D

Thursday, September 09, 2010


friend: so, which city are you come from, in indonesia?
me: bandung..
friend: ah, i've been there! for my friend's wedding. you have lot of factory outlets! i shopped there!
me: so you shopped much?
friend: yeah! you know the two way street....dago! so many shops! i love it! for girls, woooow... when i came back, i told my friends about it and planned to go again.

hey, you should get married soon! so i can go to bandung!


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

bad attitude

friend: if you seek a job and you find you are not in their requirement, are you still gonna apply?
me: no...
friend: well, that's a bad attitude. if you're not in their requirement, just apply. you lose nothing. if they say no, that's okay. if they say yes, you gain.


Saturday, September 04, 2010

uni stuttgart, a glimpse.

so, here I am. after almost 20 hours trip, I've arrived in the city where I'll be for the next 5 months. compare to her, my trip was dull :)). I took the Luft***** airlines from CGK to FRA (no, it's not followed by NCE :p), frankfurt, then continued to STR, stuttgart. the airlines is not recommended btw. how come for a long trip they dont have a tv on the seat? ckckck.

anyway, let's jump to photos!

this is my door, zimmer 304.

the kitchen. it's pretty big room. we got our own cupboard and our own box in the fridge with room number on it.

my mail :D

around my dorm. I'm curious with the building on the left, with the dome. It's like Bosscha right? Is it for stargazing? :D

look good, rite? but unfortunately...

too bad. oh well, nothing is perfect in this world, isn't it? :p

that's all for now, gotta prepare for my breakfasting. Tschüs! :D