Saturday, September 04, 2010

uni stuttgart, a glimpse.

so, here I am. after almost 20 hours trip, I've arrived in the city where I'll be for the next 5 months. compare to her, my trip was dull :)). I took the Luft***** airlines from CGK to FRA (no, it's not followed by NCE :p), frankfurt, then continued to STR, stuttgart. the airlines is not recommended btw. how come for a long trip they dont have a tv on the seat? ckckck.

anyway, let's jump to photos!

this is my door, zimmer 304.

the kitchen. it's pretty big room. we got our own cupboard and our own box in the fridge with room number on it.

my mail :D

around my dorm. I'm curious with the building on the left, with the dome. It's like Bosscha right? Is it for stargazing? :D

look good, rite? but unfortunately...

too bad. oh well, nothing is perfect in this world, isn't it? :p

that's all for now, gotta prepare for my breakfasting. Tschüs! :D

3 komentar:

paramitopia said...

wooow... univ nya kereeen ^^ btw, sempet kaget pas liat dapurnya, kirain dapur segede itu di dalam kamar dan buat seorang, hihi... bisa puas tuh blajar masaknya :p

Anonymous said...

vandal ga cuma indonesia

Anonymous said...

eh ni, masih mendinggg...pesawat northw*st tujuan amerika, hampir 24 jam kagak ada yang namanya TV dongdongdong.hampir mati bosen dah itu mah