Tuesday, October 12, 2010


i've seen many reactions from lecturers when a question being asked, they usually:
a. answered clearly,
b. answered half hearted,
c. answered emotionally,
d. asked another student to answer
e. told us to look up the answer by ourselves
f. or replied, "tanya temen sebelahnya!" :p

here, i saw a little bit different way of reactions.
student: "so, what is the difference between URN and URL?"
lecturer: ".... oh. I haven't explained it? Well ok, so the difference between URN and URL...."
i was absolutely sure he already explained about it couple of times but he kindly explained it again!
student: "i'm confused. so what is blablabla? is it blublublu?"
lecturer: "no, you're not confused, i'm confused. because there are so many things, i didnt explain it clearly. so, blablabla is..."
he took the blame.

if part of the question was wrong, he wouldnt say it clearly it was wrong. he tried to say the student was right in the context where the student was right, and then he corrected the student.
student: "X is blablabla in B? in A blublublu?
lecturer: "yes, X is blublublu in A, with condition C. But, in B, X is blabliblu..."
and after that, he will usually end his explanation with,
good question! that's a very good question!
excellent question! thank you!
very encouraging.

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piqs said...

That's true!
sadly most of lectures that we've passed discourage us to ask instead.

I found it hard to make student to ask question. I managed to a certain degree though, by bribing them points for whoever ask whatever in my class. LOL