Thursday, December 22, 2011


in our life, we often face uncomfortable situations.
most of the times,
we have to deal with them
no matter what.

what does not kill you
will make you stronger,

they say.

but sometimes,
all you need is 


walk away.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

that feeling

people like bargaining things. get the things you want, with a low price, hope not with a low quality. well, sometimes you just know, ada rupa ada harga.

another thing about bargaining it's not about how low the price is, but that feeling when you win the bargain.

so today, there was an open market and i went to one of the phone stand. I was looking for a phone case.
me: how much is it?
meneer: 10 euro
me: 10??

the same price like in the big store. hell no.
me: 5 euro, yes?
meneer: noo, i can't.
me: yeees...
meneer: noo...
me: 8?
meneer: in indonesia, also 10 euro!

heeeey, why did he bring up my country? i even didnt mention it...
me: noooo, in indonesia, i bought this for iphone, it was 5 euro!
meneer: .....
me: 8 yes?
meneer: .......ok, 8 euro.

and then i paid with 50 euro money =))

meme from   

Sunday, November 27, 2011


kalau kecebur itu pilihannya cuma dua, tenggelam atau berenang menyelam menikmati pemandangan.

asumsi: udah bisa berenang.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

gone away

i've been finding puzzle pieces of us
kept in the dust
i've been hiding letters and photograph frames
to forget your name

we were never meant to be this damn broken
words were never meant to be this half spoken

fallin' in the space between the universe
and all we see has gone away
gone away

i've been tracing my steps in fingerprint clues
and clips in the news
wondering why in our lives the wind calls our names
and we're never the same

winding circles take me back to
the place i knew when i was with you

- Lucy Schwartz


i tend to write short. short sentence. straight to the point.

and lot of spaces.

i dont like too many sentences in one paragraph or a long one sentence with lot of commas or semicolons, it just make me lost when i read it, dont you feel the same way? when you read writings, first impression is important. for me, if i see a long long long one paragraph that take spaces almost one-third or half of the pages, it just makes me feel tired before read it and i lost my interest a bit. well, i will try to read but it is better to make it short enough. it gives the time to break, take a breath before continue to read the next paragraphs. but sometimes, if the book really hooked me, then i wont notice those paragraphs. haha. and i dont know why, long paragraphs remind of textbook, like academic textbook. not a good reminder, i'd say. well, i try to make a long paragraph here. but i think it's not long enough. let's add some more sentences. such a bad weather these days, isnt it? no wonder dutch was really hard to let us go. probably they just wanted to run away from their bad bad weather here. huh. is it long enough? hmm, not really. well, whatever.

see, that's just dull.

man, it's almost a year already and i have not finished half of it yet. :))

Sunday, November 20, 2011


susah buat nentuin tulisan mana yang gw banggain. tulisan gw emang bukan tulisan yang dibuat serius atau dengan riset yang niat. tulisan gw hanya sekitar kejadian yang gw alami, apa yang gw rasakan, hal-hal yang gw pikirkan, mimpi, atau cuma sekedar racauan ga jelas. buat orang-orang yang pernah dan ngerasa gw tulis disini, maaf ya kalau ada salah-salah kata :D

kadang gw ingin bikin tulisan yang serius, berbobot, informatif, kayak blog-blog lain yang terkenal. dipikir-pikir lagi, buat apa harus terbebani dan ikut-ikut kayak gitu? i write what i want to write. so i'll just stay the way it is.

anyway, dari statistik blog ini, 5 tulisan gw yang paling banyak dibaca:
1. tentang tulisan gw yang terbit, ditolong sama promosi tulisan dari penulis-penulis lain juga sih.
2. review buku Your Job Is Not Your Career, emang lagi hip banget ya tentang passion.
3. dialog di film grey's anatomy. kayaknya pengaruh judul jadi banyak orang yang liat :p
4. sign. salah satu kejadian kayak kesamber petir. you just cant imagine how the universe works :)
5. tujuh belas agustus.

dan semuanya engga ada tulisan di tahun 2011. ada 2 kemungkinan, tulisan gw tahun ini ga cukup menarik buat dibaca atau orang-orang mulai malas baca blog. i prefer to believe the second one :))

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

day 7: favorite book

saya selalu bingung kalau ditanya buku favorit. banyak soalnya.

eh, definisi favorit dulu deh. kalau ditanya buku favorit, dalam pikiran saya berarti buku yang paling menyenangkan, paling seru, yang mengaduk perasaan, yang bikin teriak-teriak sendiri karena sebel atau kaget, yang bikin berat hati buat berhenti baca. kayaknya sama aja definisinya buat semua orang ya :p

OOT dikit. 

kadang, ngerasa kata 'favorit' ini bikin diskriminasi. 
murid favorit. gimana perasaan murid-murid lainnya? ada yang merasa diabaikan, iri, acuh, tapi seharusnya bisa jadi motivasi buat jadi murid favorit juga. semuanya termotivasi, semuanya jadi murid favorit. semua senang!
baju favorit. kasian, dipake terus jadi lusuh atau bahkan ga dipake sama sekali karena sayangnya.
yang bikin bingung, pemenang favorit. dibanding pemenang pertama, biasanya lebih "rendah" kedudukannya. tapi kan dia favorit semua orang/juri, kenapa ga jadi pemenang pertama aja?

balik lagi ke buku favorit. jadi, setelah mengingat-ingat buku seru apa yang dibaca terakhir kali.....kayaknya perahu kertas. 2 tahun lalu =.=
seperti kalimat pertama di postingan itu, buku ini mengobrak-abrik perasaan. sebenarnya.... saya udah lupa cerita buku ini kayak gimana :)) bukan tipe orang yang suka baca buku yang sama berkali-kali, soalnya pasti ada buku baru lain yang belum dibaca :))
anyway, ga inget detail ceritanya tapi inget endingnya. agak kecewa tapi gapapa, cerita keseluruhannya bagus. well, it's Dee, one of popular writers. saya suka beberapa bukunya, suka kemampuannya nulis dengan gaya yang beda-beda. dari yang serius-muram sampe yang guyon dimana-mana. gak sukanya kadang pakai kata-kata ajaib yang engga dimengerti :)) otak saya aja yang terbatas ya :p

Saturday, November 05, 2011

the invisible laundry

I was cooking in the kitchen and some friends were eating their dinner there too, when one of my dormmate, let's say P, came in with a shock in his face.

P: "Hey do you know what happens with the washing machine?"
Q: "What? what happened?"
P: "The machine is on but there's no clothes in there and my clothes are gone!"
Me: "What??"
P: "I put my clothes inside and now, i can't find it anywhere. the machine is empty!"

P and i went to the laundry room. The washing machine was on. I looked inside and it looked empty.

P: "See? there's no clothes in there!"
Me: "Are you sure not one of these clothes is yours?"

I pointed to many stack of clothes there. Apparently, today was a laundry day for everyone.

P: "No. This not mine..... this not too...."
Me: "Are you sure?"

P checked once again. "No..."

Then I remembered my cooking and went back to the kitchen. "Sorry..."

A few minutes later, P went back to the kitchen with a sad face.

R: "Still not found your clothes?"
P: "No..."
S: "Are you sure?"
R: "Somebody steals your clothes??"
Q: "Do you know who just used it?"
R: "No, I dont know."

P, Q, R, S went to the laundry room and P explained what happened again. And...

Beep beep beep beep. That's the sound from the washing machine, it finished.


Hah? I rushed to the laundry room.

Yes, the clothes were there, inside the machine.

P: "How is this happened? It was not there before! You saw that too, right?"
Me: "Yeah! ....Oh. I know why, it's the spin. The spin was so fast, you couldn't see the clothes."
R: "Oh God, P! Are you having illusions? Did you have too much marijuana??"

I went back to the kitchen and LOLed.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

are you laughing?

got no clue when i have to write a funny story. i am not the kind of person who can come up with a good joke or a funny story. well, surely there are some funny things happen in my life but it is not that easy to reconstruct the funny aspect, the punch line. you see, sometimes the funny aspect is about face expression or the situation itself which is hard to describe in words.

like a few days ago, i was walking in front of my friend and he kept mumbling about the same word with a different tones!

thank you! thaaaank you! thank youuuuuu!

and then after few minutes, i gave him the look: "duuuuuuude, seriously???"

i think that was funny, so we laughed. but here, it does not seem so funny anymore, doesnt it?

or when i and my classmates went for an excursion to a poultry farm, we saw this huuuge henhouse with the chickens all over *of course*. but then, there were two chickens walked on the high pipes on the wall and one of my friend said,

"look! they are trying to escape, like prison break!"
"oh yeah! probably one of the chicken has the blueprint tattoo in its body!"

that's just... stupid :))

or sometimes it involves an inside joke which is not everyone can understand. when i was still in greece, i chatted with my friend about indonesian food and then he said,

"you should compare the siomay there!"
"siomay? here? you mean dumpling?"
"no! siomay! siomay SPAARRTAAA!"

then i laughed really loud for, probably, half a minute. i had not heard that for a long time, so i really didnt see that coming :))

man, it is hard to write a funny story. kudos to comedians!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

there is a time

there is a time when you are so in doubt in every things.
in every steps you took and will take.
in every decisions you made and will make.
in every 'what ifs' in your head.

but too much thinking is not always good.

sometimes, it's not that bad when you are less thinking.
you just do.

and if things do not happen as you want
there will be a time to think a way to overcome them.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

in 20 years

this are the most frequent questions. probably i have written about it in this blog but i forgot in which post :))
you know, sometimes i reread what i wrote here and i was amazed. why did i write that? how did i come up with that? i didnt even remember i wrote that. it's like reading someone else's writing.

pretty cool.

anyway, i dont mind to write about this again and gotta mark this one, so i wont forget next time.

well, i've been writing since i knew how to move my hand properly on paper. i wrote about daily things or what somebody had said to somebody else. i wrote about action and reaction of it. once, i wrote in another form, people called it drawing. but i was bad on that so i sticked with alphabets.

in early times, i could write about (almost) anything. i wrote about friendship, thriller, adventure, or whatever. but somehow, in recent years, i felt comfortable with the dark side of me. i'm your father, Luke. the side that feel sadness, depression, anger, cynical, and absurdity. although i pushed myself to explore my imagination, i always come back to it. i dont mind because with that kind of stories is how i got my writings published. mostly the stories had a sad or bad ending. well, reality is not always happily ever after, right?

while some people see me as a funny person, i come up with different things, different from what people expect. sometimes, i wonder if i have a split personality. haha!

that probably the answer for day 5 question from someone else in 20 years from now. perplexed? :p

Thursday, August 18, 2011

next phase: tilburg

it's a small city in netherlands, FYI. so, my next semester will start in less than two weeks. plus, i have to think about internship and thesis. huoooooo...

so far, everything is good except the dorm. i dont know how 17 people survive in this flat. everyone (not my neighbors, of course) i met had a bad opinion about it.
"that place is soo noisy..."
"if you wanna study, dont live there!"
"man, they are partying from wednesday to sunday!"
"dirty dishes, that's just the start, you have not seen the worse..."

i dont know if that's true or they were just exaggerating but i've been whining about this for these past weeks and apparently i can't move somewhere else (i tried but the housing agency wont let me. so mean!), so let just this be my last whining and accept whatever however it is.
"you only stay here for six months, right? it's gonna pass like a wind."
yeah, right.

anyway, netherlands is really really small. i'm in south right now and i can go to the north part in less than 4 hours. an hour trip counts as a long trip.
"an hour? that's like you go outside the country!"
okay, that was exaggerated.

it's not odd if people live and work in a different city. compare to Jakarta, the public transportation supports that. it's fast, comfortable, and on-time. there's no so called subway or metro here. there's only train connecting cities (and bus, tram, and bikes). so if i fell asleep in the train, there's a chance i could end up in another city :p

probably you've heard about the islamophobia here. well, so far, i don't see or feel that. in fact, they seem to put an effort to live together with moslem. there are many mosques with dome and tower, although they rarely have a big mosque sign. halal food are everywhere, even in an amusement park! unfortunately, they don't have a mushalla there.

well, hopefully everything goes well and smooth.

tot ziens! :)


adalah merayakan kemerdekaan di tanah kumpeni.
gak ada kibaran merah putih atau upacara (di tilburg. di kbri sih ada :p)
apalagi lomba kerupuk. masih puasa.

ngomong-ngomong tentang puasa, pertama kalinya puasa di musim panas. lamaaa aja, hari pertama 16 jam! makin kesini makin berkurang sih waktunya. :D
alhamdulillah engga terlalu kerasa perbedaannya sama puasa di Indonesia. pertamanya mikir bakalan berat karena musim panas bikin cepet haus, pingsan karena kepanasan (lebay) dan waktunya yang lama. ternyata, cuaca disini ga panas-panas amat kayak di heraklion. bersyukur juga cuacanya ga terlalu bagus, hujan melulu. :p

Sunday, August 07, 2011

day 4

dalam menulis, saya orangnya tipe bunglon, berubah-ubah ngikutin lingkungannya. waktu AADC lagi ngehits, sering bikin puisi. waktu banyak baca cerpen, bikin cerpen. waktu banyak baca novel, ingin bikin novel. yang ini, masih dalam batas keinginan. :p

saya engga tau gimana saya bisa nulis. semuanya terjadi begitu aja. engga ada di keluarga saya yang bergelut di dunia sastra atau kepenulisan, engga ada juga penulis yang saya agung-agungkan. i just start writing and i like it.

untuk mulai nulis, biasanya kalimat-kalimatnya udah ada di kepala saya. kalimat-kalimat itu terus terngiang-ngiang dan saat itu saya tau, saya harus keluarin dalam bentuk tulisan. biasanya tentang kejadian sehari-hari, sesuatu yang ingin saya bagi, atau sesuatu yang terlalu telat untuk disampaikan.

maksudnya gini, saya ga tau gimana kerja otak saya, tapi seringnya saat saya butuh kalimat-kalimat sebagai bentuk reaksi atas suatu kejadian, mereka ga muncul. kalimat-kalimat itu malah muncul setelah kejadian terjadi dan udah ga relevan lagi untuk disampaikan. nyebelin ya?

kadang, kepala ini bikin jalan cerita sendiri untuk kejadian yang akan datang. senengnya, kalo cerita itu bener-bener kejadian. sedihnya, kalo kejadiannya terjadi bertolak belakang.

ekspektasi sih itu namanya.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


If I should have a daughter, instead of Mom, she's gonna call me point B.

Because that way she knows, that no matter what happens, at least she can always find her way to me.
And I’m gonna paint the solar system on the back of her hands,
so she has to learn the entire universe
before she can say "Oh, I know that like the back of my hand."

She’s gonna learn that this life will hit you, hard, in the face,
wait for you to get back up
just so it can kick you in the stomach.

But getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.
There is hurt, here, that cannot be fixed by band-aids or poetry,
so the first time she realizes that Wonder-woman isn’t coming, I’ll make sure she knows she doesn’t have to wear the cape all by herself.

Because no matter how wide you stretch your fingers, your hands will always be too small to catch all the pain you want to heal. Believe me, I’ve tried.


I want her to look at the world through the underside of a glass bottom boat, to look through a microscope at the galaxies that exist on the pin point of a human mind. Because that’s the way my mom taught me.

That there’ll be days like this,
"There’ll be days like this my momma said..."
when you open your hands to catch and wind up with only blisters and bruises.
When you step out of the phone booth and try to fly
and the very people you wanna save are the ones standing on your cape.
When your boots will fill with rain and you’ll be up to your knees in disappointment
and those are the very days you have all the more reason to say "thank you",

cause there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline,

no matter how many times it's sent away.

You will put the wind in win some, lose some.
You will put the star in starting over, and over,
and no matter how many land mines erupt in a minute, be sure your mind lands on the beauty of this funny place called life.

And yes, on a scale from one to overtrusting, I am pretty damn naive, but I want her to know that this world is made out of sugar.
It can crumble so easily, but don't be afraid to stick your tongue out and taste it

Baby, I'll tell her, remember your mama is a worrier, and your papa is a warrior, and you are the girl with small hands and big eyes who never stops asking for more.

Remember that good things come in threes, and so do bad things. And always apologize when you've done something wrong,

but don't you ever apologize for the way your eyes refuse to stop shining.

Your voice is small, but don't ever stop singing.

And when they finally hand you heartache, when they slip war and hatred under your door, and offer you handouts on street corners of cynicism and defeat,

you tell them that they really oughta meet your mother.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

quick review: heraklion

five months is relatively not a short time. there were many things i saw, i felt, i faced and these are the things happened during those times.

the neighborhood is getting better when summer starts. the shops start to open all day, beaches are getting crowded, tourist buses come and go everyday. totally not an abandoned city anymore.

*imaginary conversation*
customer: how about this? does it good on me?
seller: no comments.
customer: and this?
seller: just no comments.
customer: .........

some people can be very friendly or 'too friendly', but also the oppposite at the same time, especially to the immigrants. in heraklion, there are many immigrants, mostly people i met from north africa or middle east. from what i see, their relationship with the greek is not really good.

i realized that people are not used to see someone with head covered. a few times people asked me about it and told me to take it off, even the airport officer. seriously. or they know and tested me. oh, whatever.

and you know the bureaucracy. i got my residence permit just a day before i left the country :p

heraklion is a small city with small roads and buses. i never have a transportation map, people just know the city rutes in their head. then i realized, that's just the same with transportation in bandung or other cities that i know. even worse. for newcomers that is really confusing and inconvenient. dear tourists in indonesia, you have my sympathy.

it's really convenient to travel around with bus to other cities. pretty cheap and easy. but how you travel inside the city, that's another problem. better to rent a car, we can stop wherever we want.

surprisingly, i ate a lot of greek food here. from greek salad to saganaki.

from dolmadakia to bougatsa...

loove it and now i'm a fan of olives :9

actually, not so many things to see in heraklion. besides knossos palace, it's better to go outside the city like xania, agios nikolaos, samaria gorge, lasithi plateau, etc. i have not been to those places except xania. let say, i keep it for the next trip. for vacation, not study. please.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

impulsive trip: xania!

last thursday, about 9:30 pm.
x: hey, do you wanna go to xania tomorrow?
me: tomorrow??
x: yeah
me: why tomorrow not sat(urday)?
x: oh you wanna come to class? i wanna skip it :p
me: oh well
me: ok then, what time? :D
wkwkwkw....and off to xania we go! :D

xania is in the north-west area of crete island and considered as one of the most beautiful city in crete. it took 3 hours by bus from heraklion, but it was worth it because the view along the way was reaally beautiful! i was a little bit frustrated coz i couldnt take pictures while the bus moving. grrr.

the main spot in xania is the old port with the lighthouse. based on the review here, xania has been inhabited since minoan times. after minoan, came mycenaean, hellenistic, roman, byzantine, venetian, and turkish. i can see the remains of the last two. the view in the port is similar to venezia and there's a mosque from turkish time which is turned to painting gallery now :(

didnt plan to stay long in here. after the port, i just walked around the city. overall, it is pretty much the same with heraklion.

bright sky, sunshine, and blue sea are good combination for sweet escape! :)

okay, now i can say, crete is good when you go to the right place :p

Sunday, April 17, 2011

crazy residence permit

disclaimer: it's gonna be a loooong post!

these few weeks, i'd been busy applying residence permit here. actually, i have a 6 month visa, until the end of july. but, according to the policy, one who stays longer than 90 days, has to get a residence permit.

also, people from univ in netherlands (my next semester) had contacted us to start dutch visa and residence permit procedure. so the univ applies the visa on my behalf and then i collect it by myself from the dutch embassy. if i want to collect the dutch visa here, in greece, i should have a residence permit and i should start the procedure before the end of may. alternatively, i can just go back home and collect it from dutch embassy in jakarta. well, if i can get it here, why not, yes?

ok, then let's apply for residence permit. info i got, it needs max 3 months to get a residence permit. and it was around end of march when i start the procedure.

the problems were required documents:
1. medical certificate
actually, when i applied for greece visa in stuttgart, i got a medical certificate from a doctor. and here, i had to get another medical certificate. i had to do x-ray and mantoux test for TBC from the hospital.

let me tell you the procedure in the hospital. first, i had to make an appointment for x-ray and mantoux test. the appointment was not made for the day that i came but a few days after or even could be a week after. for x-ray result, i could get it in one day. for mantoux test, i had to wait for 3 days. after i had the x-ray and mantoux result, then i could make the doctor appointment. from the info i got, it needs 40 days to get a medical certificate. but we were lucky, we got it from the doctor right away.

overall, i need two weeks to get a medical certificate.

2. letter from the university
this is a typical letter saying that i'm a student in university. the thing is, my study here will end on first of july. info from dutch embassy in athens, if i want to collect the visa, i should have a residence permit which valid for more than 3 months. if i want to collect my dutch visa here, normally i should have my residence permit on march or april.

jeng jeng jeng.

i just start on the end of march and it needs more than a month to get a residence permit!

how was it solved?

well, because there could be a possibility we will come back here again if we fail exams, etc (i hope not!) then the univ stated one year study for us. haha! :p

and then another news came to my mailbox. a friend asked at immigration office said i should pay 150 euros for residence permit!


then last friday i went to immigration office and applied this residence permit. it went well, i didnt have to pay anything. i got a piece of paper saying that my residence permit is being processed. eventho i have this paper, there's possibility i wont get the residence permit.

crazy! crazy!

you know, in stuttgart, i got my residence permit in less than 5 minutes.

well, i dont know if i'm still here when my residence permit finished. i dont care.

coz i'm gonna fly back hoooooooooooooommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *joget joget*

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

jauh aja

tadi saya baru pulang dari belanja makanan. beberapa meter sebelum pintu hotel, berpandang mata dengan tetangga depan rumah. perempuan yang menutupi kepalanya dengan kafiyeh, sedang mengambil jemuran di beranda rumahnya. dia tersenyum, saya balas senyum.

tetangga: "syria?"
saya: "hah?"
tetangga: "hijab? musliman?"
saya: "nai*."
tetangga: *menunjuk ke dirinya* "musliman."
saya: "aaah..." *nyengir lebar*
tetangga: "!@#$%^&?" *menunjuk ke hotel*

berasumsi ditanya apakah saya tinggal di hotel dan saya pun menggangguk, tersenyum. melanjutkan langkah ke hotel tapi terhenti sebentar dan balik badan. perempuan itu masih ada.

saya: "ng... where do you buy halal meat?"
tetangga: "tunisia."
saya: "......ah."

moral dari cerita ini adalah sesungguhnya belajar bahasa adalah penting adanya. sekian.

* nai [ne] = ya #greektrivia

Sunday, March 06, 2011


kebagian award dari jeng satu ini! awardnya itu "Stylish Blogger Award" :)) agak aneh mengingat rulenya adalah:
1. Thank and link to the person who awarded me this award.
2. Share 8 things about myself.
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered.
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards.

apa hubungannya stylish dgn things about myself? hah? hah? :))

tapi ternyata sodara-sodara, saya udah pernah tuh nulis hal beginian, bisa dilihat disini.

but it's always fun to do things kinda thing, isn't it? kalo lagi ga males :p

anyhoo, mari mikir fakta lainnya...

#fakta 1
setiap perjalanan jauh, dalam waktu lama dan akan tidur di tempat lain, i bring my doll :D

namanya baba. and it's a "she". i cant recall since when i have her. maybe in elementary school or junior high school. engga harus dibawa sih, cuma feels like home if she's in my bed :p

#fakta 2
belum pernah sekalipun dikerok maupun mengerok. isn't it painful? di keluarga saya selalu mengandalkan obat. ga pernah pakai balsem (kecuali v*cks) atau minyak kayu putih atau minyak telon. satu-satunya minyak yang dipakai adalah minyak goreng. untuk memasak, tentunya.

#fakta 3
rasanya sekarang saya "agak" takut ketinggian. baru sadar setelah naik hysteria di dufan. gilak.

#fakta 4
i'm not a social person. sering kalo ketemu orang yg dikenal di jalan atau di toko, saya menghindar. ambil jalur lain, masuk toko lain, atau pura-pura ngecek hp/tas. bukannya ga suka sama orangnya sih cuma males aja basa-basi...

#fakta 5
merasa punya sedikit masalah komunikasi lisan. kalo ngomong langsung kadang susah buat diungkapkan dan kalo diungkapkan kadang maksudnya ga nyampe. ceuk urang sunda mah, pabaliut.

#fakta 6
waktu SMP ada pelajaran elektronika dan ga ngerti :p. setiap ada tugas biasanya dibantuin bapak. pernah suatu kali ada tugas bikin trafo dan bapak lagi ke luar kota, akhirnya tugas itu dibawa ke ruko cikapundung dan minta mas2 disana yang ngerjain =)) #pengakuan

#fakta 7
i can sleep (almost) anywhere. di meja, lantai, sofa, bahkan kamar mandi. seterang apapun, seribut apapun ruangannya, alhamdulillah bisa tidur. sayangnya, belum bisa tidur sambil berdiri.

#fakta 8
engga suka buah yang kebanyakan orang suka, kayak jeruk, pepaya, atau semangka. kalau pepaya mungkin karena waktu kecil suka dipaksa-paksa makan pepaya, jadi ga suka sampai sekarang. kalau jeruk kurang inget juga kenapa, tapi kayaknya dipaksa juga sih. kalau semangka, ga tau kenapa. kalau ada buah lain, milih buah lain. tapi kalo ada di dalam es buah, dimakan juga sih :p

dooone! berhubung blogger i recently discovered adalah orang-orang tak dikenal, dipersilakan bagi pembaca untuk meneruskan jika mau :p

Sunday, February 27, 2011

merahnya sore

suara burung-burung mengiringi matahari yang tenggelam. sebuah rumah putih di pojok jalan baru saja dihidupkan lampu tamannya. terlihat mobil tua berhenti di depan pos penjaga rumah. sesosok pria berjaket tampak keluar dari mobil kemudian berbincang dengan satpam rumah. pria itu dipersilakan masuk, disambut oleh seorang perempuan muda di depan pintu.

"silakan tunggu disini. bapaknya saya panggil dulu," ujar perempuan muda.
pria itu hanya tersenyum simpul, tak bergeming di depan pintu. hingga perempuan muda itu hilang dari pandangannya, baru pria itu bergerak, mengedarkan pandangannya, mempelajari ruang tamu. vas-vas kristal dan kursi besar mendominasi ruangan. pun tak terdengar suara dari dalam, tampak sepi tanpa penghuni.

perlahan, tanpa suara, pria itu berjalan ke arah tempat perempuan tadi menghilang. lalu berdiri tegak di sudut mati. menunggu.

akhirnya suara langkah kaki berat diiringi dehaman sesekali terdengar mendekat.
suaranya semakin mendekat.

tangan pria itu masuk ke saku dalam jaketnya. otot tangannya menegang.

pria tambun pemilik rumah tampak kaget melihat tamunya tak ada di ruang tamu. terlihat bayangan hitam sekelebat...


tiga kali pisau menusuk cukup dalam di perut sebelah kiri. baju pria tambun berubah warna. merah pekat. raut wajahnya pias, matanya membelalak melihat pria di hadapannya.

napasnya memburu, tatapannya dingin. tak ada marah. tak ada sesal.


actually, i wrote this piece two years ago :))

made some revision here and there tho'. when i read the third theme, i just remembered this piece and couldn't get it out of my mind. maybe it really wanted to be published :p

Thursday, February 17, 2011



i've heard about this book few times and bought it from amazon few months ago. still reading and ... i don't understand @.@ i think it's how Austen write and tell. how they talk implicitly, all those manner, and culture. it just doesn't click with me. but i'm planning to finish this book. yosh!

while everyone talking about angry birds, i just got into plants vs zombie. hahaha.


Friday, February 11, 2011

tanpa judul

seperti puisi tanpa judul
seperti pohon tanpa bibit
seperti anak ayam tanpa induk
seperti prajurit tanpa komandan
seperti hati tanpa iman

apa makna?

bukankah dunia ini sudah gila?


bulan sudah menampakkan senyumnya
temani bintang yang jelita
sudah tidurkah, kau yang disana?

perlukah kuhadir dalam mimpi?
menembus ruang dimensi
lalu bercerita sampai pagi

perlukah kuhadir disisi?
mengabaikan akal yang bertepi
hingga tak lagi sepi

ah, tak perlu kuresah
karena sekarang
maupun saat kau terjaga
Ia akan selalu ada

puisi memang sulit untuk dimengerti. kadang ada yang mudah, tapi lebih banyak yang bikin mengernyitkan dahi. buat saya, puisi yang menarik ada di permainan rima atau di permainan kata. permainan kata milik sapardi djoko damono yang sederhana tapi mengena atau milik sutardji calzoum bachri yang unik.

tapi... ga ada yang seterkenal permainan kata Rangga #eaaa :))

day 2, checked!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

i know

"kiiids! wake uup!"

"i've told them not to play till late at night..grrhh.." she grumbled and went to the kitchen. found him sit in the table, read the newspaper, and smile a little bit.
"oh, you're up already? what time is it?" she asked while searching something inside a drawer.
"errr.." he glanced to the wall, "oh.. i don't know, the clock is broken," and back read again.

she stopped and stared at the man.

without even looked at her, he replied "yes, i should fix that a long time ago..."
then she started to search in the drawer again. "do you know where the scissor is? it should be in here..."
"maybe the kids took it," he answered from behind the newspaper.
she gave up and started to wrap up some bread for the kids.

"oh what a mess! the kids haven't waken up yet, i haven't ironed your shirt! you're not in a rush right? great! do you know when the school bus come? - oh wait! it was snowing last night? will the bus come here?," she looked outside the window. "the snows are pretty thick," there are some panick and worry in her tone.

"hmmm.. i don't know, i'm not really sure.." he ate the last bite of his bread.

"by the way, when is your brother coming? yesterday he said he will come a little bit late today."
his forehead a little bit wrinkled but still concentrate with the article, "really? i don't know about that..."

she stopped again and glared at him.

"oh for god's sake! so what on earth do you know?"

he finally peeked and looked at her, smiling, "i know i love you."



ahahahaha... malu sendiri nulis ceritanya :))
biasanya yg ketulis ga jauh-jauh dari perpisahan, pembunuhan, atau misteri. itu pun jarang yg selesai ceritanya :p

well, not bad for the record. day 1, done!

writing challenge: (gym)

i haven't been writing fiction for such a looong time. i just don't have any idea what to write. *lame excuse* now i'm kinda miss it. so, i searched for a writing challenge and found this:
20 day writing challenge:
1. Write a short love story
2. Write a poem
3. Write a creepy story
4. What/who inspires you to write
5. Since when you have been writing; and what type of stories do your write; why?
6. Write a funny story
7. Write about your favorite book
8. Post writing you are proud of
9. What is your writing style most like?
10. Favorite type of literature
11. Write a short bio of yourself
12. Write a letter to anyone you want
13. Write a short fiction story
14. Write another poem
15. Write a short bio of any of your friend
16. Write another short story
17. Which types of books you usually read; why?
18. Write a short fairytale
19. Write free verse
20. Post a story of your own that you have writen at least a month ago

it says 20 days but it does not say should be in a consecutive days, rite? :p
not all the theme are fiction but maybe i'll write it in fiction. or maybe not. let's see later... *mwahahaha*

after a week

a new semester will begin next week and i've moved to another city, heraklion. i believe this city has not much mentioned before (in my life) then i should say, it's in crete island, greece. pretty much isolated from other countries, means only by plane or ship to go outside. at first, i thought that would be save my money but... surprisingly in this far far island, things are a little bit expensive than stuttgart. perhaps because heraklion is a tourist city.

since the main attraction is the beach and now is not holiday season, a lot of stores and hotels around the beach are closed. the beach is also pretty dirty, make heraklion looks like an abandoned city. *lebay* hopefully everything will be better in the next few months.

well, some things are better than before, like i have my own kitchen and bathroom *yeay!* and the bus ticket also cheaper here. supermarket are in a 10 minutes walking distance and there are mini markets that open everyday.

one thing i'm so grateful about this city, they always speak english to foreigners. haha!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

auf wiedersehen :)

hampir 5 bulan, setiap hari saya memandangi pohon-pohon lewat jendela ini. melihat perubahannya, mendengar gemerisik daunnya, menikmati daun-daun beterbangan karena tertiup angin.

i know i'm gonna miss this.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

vingt quatre sur vingt quatre

a birthday is never an ordinary day.

it is special.

ever been and ever will.

Chateau de Brest
it's the start of our life.

Hopital Morvan

how can that not be special?

but how you celebrate it, that's another story.

Monday, January 10, 2011

16 hari

yak, 16 hari mengelilingi 10 kota! perjalanannya mostly dengan kereta, pake tiket eurail. enaknya dengan kereta, bisa pilih jadwal on the spot, tergantung kondisi saat itu. ga enaknya, meskipun udah pake tiket eurail, harus bayar reservasi tempat duduk. kalau antar kota di satu negara sih ga mahal-mahal amat. paling mahal 10 euro, untuk sekali perjalanan. kalau antar negara, baru deh agak mahal. apalagi kalo overnight train *curcol*. dan herannya, di semua perjalanan selalu dapat tempat duduk padahal musim liburan! :D

well, i'm not going into details, just bring some highlights from each city.

kota pertama, Paris! seperti layaknya masalah ibukota, di Paris banyaak banget imigran. gelandangan. metro (subway) yang kotor dan jalur menuju metro yang kayak labirin, muter-muter :)). vandalisme dimana-mana. yang paling menyedihkan adalah menemukan 2 kali, gadis berjilbab duduk di tengah-tengah tempat orang jalan di metro, sambil menunduk dan menengadahkan tangan. makes me wonder, what people think about them? or when they see me?

kota kedua sebenernya Barcelona, ambil overnight train dari Paris. dan saya mulai sakit, sedikit pusing dan batuk. salahkan cuaca dan pola makan yang ga bener :p. disini hanya beberapa jam karena lanjut ke Cordoba. tapi nanti balik lagi, jadi detail Barcelona nanti saja.

so, Cordoba is a small city. not so many things to see here. transportasi hanya bus dan taxi. saya menginap di daerah kota tuanya, very nice. jalan-jalan kecil, gang-gang antara bangunan rumah. dan tentu saja pohon-pohon jeruk.

dari Cordoba, naik bus pergi-pulang ke Granada. kota kecil nan sepi. mungkin karena hari minggu waktu kesana. hanya pergi ke kompleks Al Hambra yang memakan waktu seharian. but it was soooo beautiful! definitely wanna come again, kalau ada rejeki. barang-barang supermarketnya sangat murah! air mineral botol hanya 18 sen. jeruk 3 buah, 18 sen juga kalo ga salah. dan supermarketnya buka di hari minggu! hebat!

Al Hambra, Granada

besoknya dari Cordoba lagi, pp kereta ke Sevilla. lebih ramai dibanding Cordoba dan Granada, wajar sih karena ibukota Andalusia. lebih banyak juga tempat yang bisa dikunjungi. salah satu kota terseru yang didatangi :D tapi yang menyebalkan adalah transportasi kurang informatif. maksudnya, di bus ga ada pemberitahuan bus stop selanjutnya atau peta dari bus stopnya. nama halte busnya juga kurang terlihat dari dalam bus. jadi harus mengira-ngira perjalanannya udah sampai mana.

Plaza de Espanya, Sevilla

dari Cordoba, balik lagi ke Barcelona. anehnya, setiap di kota ini, saya sakit. setelah sebelumnya batuk, disini mulai muncul gejala-gejala pilek. dan di penghujung hari, kaki saya melepuh T_T keindahan Barcelona beda dengan kota-kota Spanyol sebelumnya. Barcelona lebih berwarna, mungkin karena karya Gaudi dan sebangsanya yang....nyentrik.

lanjut ke Roma, setelah nginep di airport Barcelona semalam karena ketinggalan pesawat. aduh, Roma ini gimana ya... halte busnya sangaat minimalis. tempat duduk aja ga ada. masih mending di Bandung deh ada kanopi plus tempat duduknya. jalur menuju metro muter-muter kayak di Paris. metronya kotooooooor banget nget nget. ampun dah. tiket masuk Colloseum yang tergolong mahal, dalemnya kayak gitu doang bayar 13 euro. bandingkan dengan tiket Eiffel yang sampe puncak cuma 11 euro! konstruksi dimana-mana. mungkin karena rencana world expo selanjutnya di Milan. dan seeeemua orang kayaknya ngerokok deh. tua muda. cewe cowo. huh. cukup sekali aja ke Roma!

Piazza Venezia, Rome

next, Florence. small city. ga terlalu berkesan. lanjut Pisa, even smaller city. but the weather was so nice when i was there. shocking reality, ternyata Pisa pendek yaaaaa.. di foto-foto kesannya tinggi gituu...

view from Ponte Vecchio, Florence

then Venice! loooooooove it! small labyrinth city yet beautiful. i can smell the ocean!

kota terakhir, Milan. ga banyak yang menarik di Milan. well, my purpose was to meet my friends here, so it was okay for me. dan nginep di airport lagi karena pesawat balik ke jerman, pagi jam 8. it was planned tho'.

sekarang, mari kita bandingkan semuanya, Jerman-Prancis-Spanyol-Itali. meskipun penilaian saya kurang seimbang karena di negara-negara ini saya hanya beberapa hari dan hanya di beberapa kota (1 kota untuk Prancis), let's say, it's my first impression. kita lihat nanti kalau bisa berubah.

untuk transportasi, Jerman lebih 'rapih dan bersih'. masalah vandalisme ada tapi ga separah di Paris atau Roma. Spanyol masih lebih bagus dibanding Itali, kota kecil Cordoba mengalahkan Roma. transportasi ini sesuai dengan harga tiket sih. di Jerman 2x lipat lebih mahal dibanding negara-negara lainnya (kecuali Paris).

untuk masalah makan, rata-rata sama. tergantung beli makan dimana dan beli apa.

untuk tourist spots, masing-masing punya karakteristik tersendiri. bisa dikatakan orang Spanyol dan Itali adalah orang-orang relijius (dulu?), banyak banget gerejanya. plus patung-patung. dan plaza-plaza. Jerman, not so religious. biasanya kalo ga kastil, museum, atau alam. Prancis? Paris gitu. banyak banget yg bisa dikunjungi.

last, moral dari trip ini adalah:
1. lakukan trip sebelum umur 25 tahun dan sebagai student, niscaya banyak reduced price untuk tiket masuk
2. bawalah tensoplast untuk mengobati kaki yg melepuh!
3. traveling di musim dingin enak juga, ga perlu bawa baju banyak karena jarang keringetan :))
4. terkait poin 3, kalau di musim dingin, enaknya pilih daerah selatan karena ga terlalu dingin dan cuaca mostly bagus

can't wait for the next trip!