Sunday, February 27, 2011

merahnya sore

suara burung-burung mengiringi matahari yang tenggelam. sebuah rumah putih di pojok jalan baru saja dihidupkan lampu tamannya. terlihat mobil tua berhenti di depan pos penjaga rumah. sesosok pria berjaket tampak keluar dari mobil kemudian berbincang dengan satpam rumah. pria itu dipersilakan masuk, disambut oleh seorang perempuan muda di depan pintu.

"silakan tunggu disini. bapaknya saya panggil dulu," ujar perempuan muda.
pria itu hanya tersenyum simpul, tak bergeming di depan pintu. hingga perempuan muda itu hilang dari pandangannya, baru pria itu bergerak, mengedarkan pandangannya, mempelajari ruang tamu. vas-vas kristal dan kursi besar mendominasi ruangan. pun tak terdengar suara dari dalam, tampak sepi tanpa penghuni.

perlahan, tanpa suara, pria itu berjalan ke arah tempat perempuan tadi menghilang. lalu berdiri tegak di sudut mati. menunggu.

akhirnya suara langkah kaki berat diiringi dehaman sesekali terdengar mendekat.
suaranya semakin mendekat.

tangan pria itu masuk ke saku dalam jaketnya. otot tangannya menegang.

pria tambun pemilik rumah tampak kaget melihat tamunya tak ada di ruang tamu. terlihat bayangan hitam sekelebat...


tiga kali pisau menusuk cukup dalam di perut sebelah kiri. baju pria tambun berubah warna. merah pekat. raut wajahnya pias, matanya membelalak melihat pria di hadapannya.

napasnya memburu, tatapannya dingin. tak ada marah. tak ada sesal.


actually, i wrote this piece two years ago :))

made some revision here and there tho'. when i read the third theme, i just remembered this piece and couldn't get it out of my mind. maybe it really wanted to be published :p

Thursday, February 17, 2011



i've heard about this book few times and bought it from amazon few months ago. still reading and ... i don't understand @.@ i think it's how Austen write and tell. how they talk implicitly, all those manner, and culture. it just doesn't click with me. but i'm planning to finish this book. yosh!

while everyone talking about angry birds, i just got into plants vs zombie. hahaha.


Friday, February 11, 2011

tanpa judul

seperti puisi tanpa judul
seperti pohon tanpa bibit
seperti anak ayam tanpa induk
seperti prajurit tanpa komandan
seperti hati tanpa iman

apa makna?

bukankah dunia ini sudah gila?


bulan sudah menampakkan senyumnya
temani bintang yang jelita
sudah tidurkah, kau yang disana?

perlukah kuhadir dalam mimpi?
menembus ruang dimensi
lalu bercerita sampai pagi

perlukah kuhadir disisi?
mengabaikan akal yang bertepi
hingga tak lagi sepi

ah, tak perlu kuresah
karena sekarang
maupun saat kau terjaga
Ia akan selalu ada

puisi memang sulit untuk dimengerti. kadang ada yang mudah, tapi lebih banyak yang bikin mengernyitkan dahi. buat saya, puisi yang menarik ada di permainan rima atau di permainan kata. permainan kata milik sapardi djoko damono yang sederhana tapi mengena atau milik sutardji calzoum bachri yang unik.

tapi... ga ada yang seterkenal permainan kata Rangga #eaaa :))

day 2, checked!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

i know

"kiiids! wake uup!"

"i've told them not to play till late at night..grrhh.." she grumbled and went to the kitchen. found him sit in the table, read the newspaper, and smile a little bit.
"oh, you're up already? what time is it?" she asked while searching something inside a drawer.
"errr.." he glanced to the wall, "oh.. i don't know, the clock is broken," and back read again.

she stopped and stared at the man.

without even looked at her, he replied "yes, i should fix that a long time ago..."
then she started to search in the drawer again. "do you know where the scissor is? it should be in here..."
"maybe the kids took it," he answered from behind the newspaper.
she gave up and started to wrap up some bread for the kids.

"oh what a mess! the kids haven't waken up yet, i haven't ironed your shirt! you're not in a rush right? great! do you know when the school bus come? - oh wait! it was snowing last night? will the bus come here?," she looked outside the window. "the snows are pretty thick," there are some panick and worry in her tone.

"hmmm.. i don't know, i'm not really sure.." he ate the last bite of his bread.

"by the way, when is your brother coming? yesterday he said he will come a little bit late today."
his forehead a little bit wrinkled but still concentrate with the article, "really? i don't know about that..."

she stopped again and glared at him.

"oh for god's sake! so what on earth do you know?"

he finally peeked and looked at her, smiling, "i know i love you."



ahahahaha... malu sendiri nulis ceritanya :))
biasanya yg ketulis ga jauh-jauh dari perpisahan, pembunuhan, atau misteri. itu pun jarang yg selesai ceritanya :p

well, not bad for the record. day 1, done!

writing challenge: (gym)

i haven't been writing fiction for such a looong time. i just don't have any idea what to write. *lame excuse* now i'm kinda miss it. so, i searched for a writing challenge and found this:
20 day writing challenge:
1. Write a short love story
2. Write a poem
3. Write a creepy story
4. What/who inspires you to write
5. Since when you have been writing; and what type of stories do your write; why?
6. Write a funny story
7. Write about your favorite book
8. Post writing you are proud of
9. What is your writing style most like?
10. Favorite type of literature
11. Write a short bio of yourself
12. Write a letter to anyone you want
13. Write a short fiction story
14. Write another poem
15. Write a short bio of any of your friend
16. Write another short story
17. Which types of books you usually read; why?
18. Write a short fairytale
19. Write free verse
20. Post a story of your own that you have writen at least a month ago

it says 20 days but it does not say should be in a consecutive days, rite? :p
not all the theme are fiction but maybe i'll write it in fiction. or maybe not. let's see later... *mwahahaha*

after a week

a new semester will begin next week and i've moved to another city, heraklion. i believe this city has not much mentioned before (in my life) then i should say, it's in crete island, greece. pretty much isolated from other countries, means only by plane or ship to go outside. at first, i thought that would be save my money but... surprisingly in this far far island, things are a little bit expensive than stuttgart. perhaps because heraklion is a tourist city.

since the main attraction is the beach and now is not holiday season, a lot of stores and hotels around the beach are closed. the beach is also pretty dirty, make heraklion looks like an abandoned city. *lebay* hopefully everything will be better in the next few months.

well, some things are better than before, like i have my own kitchen and bathroom *yeay!* and the bus ticket also cheaper here. supermarket are in a 10 minutes walking distance and there are mini markets that open everyday.

one thing i'm so grateful about this city, they always speak english to foreigners. haha!