Tuesday, February 08, 2011

after a week

a new semester will begin next week and i've moved to another city, heraklion. i believe this city has not much mentioned before (in my life) then i should say, it's in crete island, greece. pretty much isolated from other countries, means only by plane or ship to go outside. at first, i thought that would be save my money but... surprisingly in this far far island, things are a little bit expensive than stuttgart. perhaps because heraklion is a tourist city.

since the main attraction is the beach and now is not holiday season, a lot of stores and hotels around the beach are closed. the beach is also pretty dirty, make heraklion looks like an abandoned city. *lebay* hopefully everything will be better in the next few months.

well, some things are better than before, like i have my own kitchen and bathroom *yeay!* and the bus ticket also cheaper here. supermarket are in a 10 minutes walking distance and there are mini markets that open everyday.

one thing i'm so grateful about this city, they always speak english to foreigners. haha!

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