Tuesday, February 08, 2011

writing challenge: (gym)

i haven't been writing fiction for such a looong time. i just don't have any idea what to write. *lame excuse* now i'm kinda miss it. so, i searched for a writing challenge and found this:
20 day writing challenge:
1. Write a short love story
2. Write a poem
3. Write a creepy story
4. What/who inspires you to write
5. Since when you have been writing; and what type of stories do your write; why?
6. Write a funny story
7. Write about your favorite book
8. Post writing you are proud of
9. What is your writing style most like?
10. Favorite type of literature
11. Write a short bio of yourself
12. Write a letter to anyone you want
13. Write a short fiction story
14. Write another poem
15. Write a short bio of any of your friend
16. Write another short story
17. Which types of books you usually read; why?
18. Write a short fairytale
19. Write free verse
20. Post a story of your own that you have writen at least a month ago

it says 20 days but it does not say should be in a consecutive days, rite? :p
not all the theme are fiction but maybe i'll write it in fiction. or maybe not. let's see later... *mwahahaha*

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