Tuesday, February 08, 2011

i know

"kiiids! wake uup!"

"i've told them not to play till late at night..grrhh.." she grumbled and went to the kitchen. found him sit in the table, read the newspaper, and smile a little bit.
"oh, you're up already? what time is it?" she asked while searching something inside a drawer.
"errr.." he glanced to the wall, "oh.. i don't know, the clock is broken," and back read again.

she stopped and stared at the man.

without even looked at her, he replied "yes, i should fix that a long time ago..."
then she started to search in the drawer again. "do you know where the scissor is? it should be in here..."
"maybe the kids took it," he answered from behind the newspaper.
she gave up and started to wrap up some bread for the kids.

"oh what a mess! the kids haven't waken up yet, i haven't ironed your shirt! you're not in a rush right? great! do you know when the school bus come? - oh wait! it was snowing last night? will the bus come here?," she looked outside the window. "the snows are pretty thick," there are some panick and worry in her tone.

"hmmm.. i don't know, i'm not really sure.." he ate the last bite of his bread.

"by the way, when is your brother coming? yesterday he said he will come a little bit late today."
his forehead a little bit wrinkled but still concentrate with the article, "really? i don't know about that..."

she stopped again and glared at him.

"oh for god's sake! so what on earth do you know?"

he finally peeked and looked at her, smiling, "i know i love you."



ahahahaha... malu sendiri nulis ceritanya :))
biasanya yg ketulis ga jauh-jauh dari perpisahan, pembunuhan, atau misteri. itu pun jarang yg selesai ceritanya :p

well, not bad for the record. day 1, done!

6 komentar:

Zakka Fauzan Muhammad said...


caelah banget lafra ini...

Vuterlanik said...

nulisnya dibayangi rindu yang terselip itu kayaknya
*semakin EAAAAAAA

monte said...

mantep euy

Roberto said...

i am impressed. bravo!

Lafrania said...

aduh aduh aduh, jadi maluuuuu :">

Anonymous said...

heuheuy....banyak yang dukung:D.....hayo ngaku sapa yang kau rindukan?:D