Sunday, April 17, 2011

crazy residence permit

disclaimer: it's gonna be a loooong post!

these few weeks, i'd been busy applying residence permit here. actually, i have a 6 month visa, until the end of july. but, according to the policy, one who stays longer than 90 days, has to get a residence permit.

also, people from univ in netherlands (my next semester) had contacted us to start dutch visa and residence permit procedure. so the univ applies the visa on my behalf and then i collect it by myself from the dutch embassy. if i want to collect the dutch visa here, in greece, i should have a residence permit and i should start the procedure before the end of may. alternatively, i can just go back home and collect it from dutch embassy in jakarta. well, if i can get it here, why not, yes?

ok, then let's apply for residence permit. info i got, it needs max 3 months to get a residence permit. and it was around end of march when i start the procedure.

the problems were required documents:
1. medical certificate
actually, when i applied for greece visa in stuttgart, i got a medical certificate from a doctor. and here, i had to get another medical certificate. i had to do x-ray and mantoux test for TBC from the hospital.

let me tell you the procedure in the hospital. first, i had to make an appointment for x-ray and mantoux test. the appointment was not made for the day that i came but a few days after or even could be a week after. for x-ray result, i could get it in one day. for mantoux test, i had to wait for 3 days. after i had the x-ray and mantoux result, then i could make the doctor appointment. from the info i got, it needs 40 days to get a medical certificate. but we were lucky, we got it from the doctor right away.

overall, i need two weeks to get a medical certificate.

2. letter from the university
this is a typical letter saying that i'm a student in university. the thing is, my study here will end on first of july. info from dutch embassy in athens, if i want to collect the visa, i should have a residence permit which valid for more than 3 months. if i want to collect my dutch visa here, normally i should have my residence permit on march or april.

jeng jeng jeng.

i just start on the end of march and it needs more than a month to get a residence permit!

how was it solved?

well, because there could be a possibility we will come back here again if we fail exams, etc (i hope not!) then the univ stated one year study for us. haha! :p

and then another news came to my mailbox. a friend asked at immigration office said i should pay 150 euros for residence permit!


then last friday i went to immigration office and applied this residence permit. it went well, i didnt have to pay anything. i got a piece of paper saying that my residence permit is being processed. eventho i have this paper, there's possibility i wont get the residence permit.

crazy! crazy!

you know, in stuttgart, i got my residence permit in less than 5 minutes.

well, i dont know if i'm still here when my residence permit finished. i dont care.

coz i'm gonna fly back hoooooooooooooommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *joget joget*

Sunday, April 03, 2011