Saturday, May 14, 2011

impulsive trip: xania!

last thursday, about 9:30 pm.
x: hey, do you wanna go to xania tomorrow?
me: tomorrow??
x: yeah
me: why tomorrow not sat(urday)?
x: oh you wanna come to class? i wanna skip it :p
me: oh well
me: ok then, what time? :D
wkwkwkw....and off to xania we go! :D

xania is in the north-west area of crete island and considered as one of the most beautiful city in crete. it took 3 hours by bus from heraklion, but it was worth it because the view along the way was reaally beautiful! i was a little bit frustrated coz i couldnt take pictures while the bus moving. grrr.

the main spot in xania is the old port with the lighthouse. based on the review here, xania has been inhabited since minoan times. after minoan, came mycenaean, hellenistic, roman, byzantine, venetian, and turkish. i can see the remains of the last two. the view in the port is similar to venezia and there's a mosque from turkish time which is turned to painting gallery now :(

didnt plan to stay long in here. after the port, i just walked around the city. overall, it is pretty much the same with heraklion.

bright sky, sunshine, and blue sea are good combination for sweet escape! :)

okay, now i can say, crete is good when you go to the right place :p

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piqs said...

apaaa, jadinya bolos toh (fuu)

Lafrania said...

(troll) problem?

Zakka Fauzan Muhammad said...

nice... sekali2 bolos emang diperlukan :P

Uchan said...

What a great view :D