Sunday, July 24, 2011

quick review: heraklion

five months is relatively not a short time. there were many things i saw, i felt, i faced and these are the things happened during those times.

the neighborhood is getting better when summer starts. the shops start to open all day, beaches are getting crowded, tourist buses come and go everyday. totally not an abandoned city anymore.

*imaginary conversation*
customer: how about this? does it good on me?
seller: no comments.
customer: and this?
seller: just no comments.
customer: .........

some people can be very friendly or 'too friendly', but also the oppposite at the same time, especially to the immigrants. in heraklion, there are many immigrants, mostly people i met from north africa or middle east. from what i see, their relationship with the greek is not really good.

i realized that people are not used to see someone with head covered. a few times people asked me about it and told me to take it off, even the airport officer. seriously. or they know and tested me. oh, whatever.

and you know the bureaucracy. i got my residence permit just a day before i left the country :p

heraklion is a small city with small roads and buses. i never have a transportation map, people just know the city rutes in their head. then i realized, that's just the same with transportation in bandung or other cities that i know. even worse. for newcomers that is really confusing and inconvenient. dear tourists in indonesia, you have my sympathy.

it's really convenient to travel around with bus to other cities. pretty cheap and easy. but how you travel inside the city, that's another problem. better to rent a car, we can stop wherever we want.

surprisingly, i ate a lot of greek food here. from greek salad to saganaki.

from dolmadakia to bougatsa...

loove it and now i'm a fan of olives :9

actually, not so many things to see in heraklion. besides knossos palace, it's better to go outside the city like xania, agios nikolaos, samaria gorge, lasithi plateau, etc. i have not been to those places except xania. let say, i keep it for the next trip. for vacation, not study. please.

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