Thursday, August 18, 2011

next phase: tilburg

it's a small city in netherlands, FYI. so, my next semester will start in less than two weeks. plus, i have to think about internship and thesis. huoooooo...

so far, everything is good except the dorm. i dont know how 17 people survive in this flat. everyone (not my neighbors, of course) i met had a bad opinion about it.
"that place is soo noisy..."
"if you wanna study, dont live there!"
"man, they are partying from wednesday to sunday!"
"dirty dishes, that's just the start, you have not seen the worse..."

i dont know if that's true or they were just exaggerating but i've been whining about this for these past weeks and apparently i can't move somewhere else (i tried but the housing agency wont let me. so mean!), so let just this be my last whining and accept whatever however it is.
"you only stay here for six months, right? it's gonna pass like a wind."
yeah, right.

anyway, netherlands is really really small. i'm in south right now and i can go to the north part in less than 4 hours. an hour trip counts as a long trip.
"an hour? that's like you go outside the country!"
okay, that was exaggerated.

it's not odd if people live and work in a different city. compare to Jakarta, the public transportation supports that. it's fast, comfortable, and on-time. there's no so called subway or metro here. there's only train connecting cities (and bus, tram, and bikes). so if i fell asleep in the train, there's a chance i could end up in another city :p

probably you've heard about the islamophobia here. well, so far, i don't see or feel that. in fact, they seem to put an effort to live together with moslem. there are many mosques with dome and tower, although they rarely have a big mosque sign. halal food are everywhere, even in an amusement park! unfortunately, they don't have a mushalla there.

well, hopefully everything goes well and smooth.

tot ziens! :)

2 komentar:

Asop said...

Wah, syukurlah, kalo di Belanda sana banyak makanan halal. :)

putri setiani said...

"an hour trip counts as a long trip."
Dari kopo ke ITB 90 menit kalo lancar naik angkot, Fra. -__-