Saturday, September 10, 2011

in 20 years

this are the most frequent questions. probably i have written about it in this blog but i forgot in which post :))
you know, sometimes i reread what i wrote here and i was amazed. why did i write that? how did i come up with that? i didnt even remember i wrote that. it's like reading someone else's writing.

pretty cool.

anyway, i dont mind to write about this again and gotta mark this one, so i wont forget next time.

well, i've been writing since i knew how to move my hand properly on paper. i wrote about daily things or what somebody had said to somebody else. i wrote about action and reaction of it. once, i wrote in another form, people called it drawing. but i was bad on that so i sticked with alphabets.

in early times, i could write about (almost) anything. i wrote about friendship, thriller, adventure, or whatever. but somehow, in recent years, i felt comfortable with the dark side of me. i'm your father, Luke. the side that feel sadness, depression, anger, cynical, and absurdity. although i pushed myself to explore my imagination, i always come back to it. i dont mind because with that kind of stories is how i got my writings published. mostly the stories had a sad or bad ending. well, reality is not always happily ever after, right?

while some people see me as a funny person, i come up with different things, different from what people expect. sometimes, i wonder if i have a split personality. haha!

that probably the answer for day 5 question from someone else in 20 years from now. perplexed? :p

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