Sunday, October 30, 2011

are you laughing?

got no clue when i have to write a funny story. i am not the kind of person who can come up with a good joke or a funny story. well, surely there are some funny things happen in my life but it is not that easy to reconstruct the funny aspect, the punch line. you see, sometimes the funny aspect is about face expression or the situation itself which is hard to describe in words.

like a few days ago, i was walking in front of my friend and he kept mumbling about the same word with a different tones!

thank you! thaaaank you! thank youuuuuu!

and then after few minutes, i gave him the look: "duuuuuuude, seriously???"

i think that was funny, so we laughed. but here, it does not seem so funny anymore, doesnt it?

or when i and my classmates went for an excursion to a poultry farm, we saw this huuuge henhouse with the chickens all over *of course*. but then, there were two chickens walked on the high pipes on the wall and one of my friend said,

"look! they are trying to escape, like prison break!"
"oh yeah! probably one of the chicken has the blueprint tattoo in its body!"

that's just... stupid :))

or sometimes it involves an inside joke which is not everyone can understand. when i was still in greece, i chatted with my friend about indonesian food and then he said,

"you should compare the siomay there!"
"siomay? here? you mean dumpling?"
"no! siomay! siomay SPAARRTAAA!"

then i laughed really loud for, probably, half a minute. i had not heard that for a long time, so i really didnt see that coming :))

man, it is hard to write a funny story. kudos to comedians!

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