Wednesday, November 23, 2011


i tend to write short. short sentence. straight to the point.

and lot of spaces.

i dont like too many sentences in one paragraph or a long one sentence with lot of commas or semicolons, it just make me lost when i read it, dont you feel the same way? when you read writings, first impression is important. for me, if i see a long long long one paragraph that take spaces almost one-third or half of the pages, it just makes me feel tired before read it and i lost my interest a bit. well, i will try to read but it is better to make it short enough. it gives the time to break, take a breath before continue to read the next paragraphs. but sometimes, if the book really hooked me, then i wont notice those paragraphs. haha. and i dont know why, long paragraphs remind of textbook, like academic textbook. not a good reminder, i'd say. well, i try to make a long paragraph here. but i think it's not long enough. let's add some more sentences. such a bad weather these days, isnt it? no wonder dutch was really hard to let us go. probably they just wanted to run away from their bad bad weather here. huh. is it long enough? hmm, not really. well, whatever.

see, that's just dull.

man, it's almost a year already and i have not finished half of it yet. :))

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