Saturday, November 05, 2011

the invisible laundry

I was cooking in the kitchen and some friends were eating their dinner there too, when one of my dormmate, let's say P, came in with a shock in his face.

P: "Hey do you know what happens with the washing machine?"
Q: "What? what happened?"
P: "The machine is on but there's no clothes in there and my clothes are gone!"
Me: "What??"
P: "I put my clothes inside and now, i can't find it anywhere. the machine is empty!"

P and i went to the laundry room. The washing machine was on. I looked inside and it looked empty.

P: "See? there's no clothes in there!"
Me: "Are you sure not one of these clothes is yours?"

I pointed to many stack of clothes there. Apparently, today was a laundry day for everyone.

P: "No. This not mine..... this not too...."
Me: "Are you sure?"

P checked once again. "No..."

Then I remembered my cooking and went back to the kitchen. "Sorry..."

A few minutes later, P went back to the kitchen with a sad face.

R: "Still not found your clothes?"
P: "No..."
S: "Are you sure?"
R: "Somebody steals your clothes??"
Q: "Do you know who just used it?"
R: "No, I dont know."

P, Q, R, S went to the laundry room and P explained what happened again. And...

Beep beep beep beep. That's the sound from the washing machine, it finished.


Hah? I rushed to the laundry room.

Yes, the clothes were there, inside the machine.

P: "How is this happened? It was not there before! You saw that too, right?"
Me: "Yeah! ....Oh. I know why, it's the spin. The spin was so fast, you couldn't see the clothes."
R: "Oh God, P! Are you having illusions? Did you have too much marijuana??"

I went back to the kitchen and LOLed.

2 komentar:

Anonymous said...

XD LOL.. atta girl!
you wrote a FUNNY STORY..!!!

Ray Rizaldy said...

Whoaaa, that fast??
And without any shirt broken too?