Sunday, December 04, 2011

that feeling

people like bargaining things. get the things you want, with a low price, hope not with a low quality. well, sometimes you just know, ada rupa ada harga.

another thing about bargaining it's not about how low the price is, but that feeling when you win the bargain.

so today, there was an open market and i went to one of the phone stand. I was looking for a phone case.
me: how much is it?
meneer: 10 euro
me: 10??

the same price like in the big store. hell no.
me: 5 euro, yes?
meneer: noo, i can't.
me: yeees...
meneer: noo...
me: 8?
meneer: in indonesia, also 10 euro!

heeeey, why did he bring up my country? i even didnt mention it...
me: noooo, in indonesia, i bought this for iphone, it was 5 euro!
meneer: .....
me: 8 yes?
meneer: .......ok, 8 euro.

and then i paid with 50 euro money =))

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piqs said...

LOL, elmu pasar baru nih