Sunday, February 19, 2012

volgende station: eindhoven

after a long and winding road to find an internship, finally i ended up in this so-called city of light. everything happened so fast, that i only had two weeks to prepare my internship. luckily, i found a very nice place that close to the office. it's a little bit far from the city center and train station but it's fine, that's what bike is for :D

 so long, tilburg

it was really nice to live in tilburg, a quite city. no rush, no traffic jam. i would love to live in this kind of city when i get old.

it's been three weeks since i switched from a full-time student to a full-time employee. sometimes, i missed being a student. just sit in the class and go home. although what i do is working on my thesis, it was not that bad since i got paid for it :p

on my first week here, snow finally came to Netherlands. i was on my desk when i suddenly started feeling a little bit chill. i looked at the window and the snow was falling, slowly. that's the thing i like when it snows. it seems so soft and peaceful. 

and i realized, this could be my last snow.

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