Monday, December 24, 2012

#14: the book and the reader

one fine day they were together
in a cold room, that it feels wider
searching for comfort in each other
the warmth for the seeker

but do they belong?
one can not wait for long
and from the turn of every pages
did they catch the messages?

for some time, they feel alone
close but rather torn
and think this can not go on
where does the intention lie upon?


it's not really a poem. i'm just playing with words :))
when i made it, i was thinking about me and a novel, Anna Karenina. took months for me to finish it. i remembered it was a cold day when i looked for a secondhand shop in tilburg. i didn't expect to get anything but i was so lucky that they sold this book for only 1,25 euros. the whole chapter of Anna Karenina! i bought the book immediately! long time ago, i was considering to buy this book in indonesia but they sold it in two parts and pretty expensive. so, i didn't buy it back then. but now i found that Apple sell it for free in iBooks store. cih. *dasarpelit* :))

since the day i bought that book, it was always on my bed. in tilburg, eindhoven, till jakarta. this book is really packed with characters, events and details. well, of course, it is a 804 pages book. the details on these many characters sometimes made me lost focus on who exactly the center of this book. plus, i was not reading it continuously that made it a bit hard to catch up again with those many characters and events. after i read the introduction (i read after i finished because most of the time it always contains spoilers), this book actually has two main characters. i felt i was tricked by the title!

anyway, from this book i learned about the russian aristocrat and its society life, how they really hold on to their pride and self-image. i never know that people can be that complicated and strong influenced by the society. compare to nowadays, some people don't really care about what society thinks. another chance to be thankful that i live in 21th century! an interesting part, now i know the typical russian (or eastern slavic) naming customs.

by the time i finished, the book looked like this.

i'm sorry, book! >.<

back to the poem, sometimes i feel that poets are just bunch of drama queens and kings. some of them are just exaggerating everything. especially on people who interpret the poem. you think you know what it means while probably there's no special meaning behind it. just like me, the poem is just playing with words. i remembered one joke about a line in a poem. "the curtain is blue", what do you think it means? probably the poet was sad, depressed, or else. when there is possibility that the poet just wrote that to make it rhymes with the next line or he didn't know what else to write and just wrote what had been there all along in his room. you never really know, right?

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