Tuesday, December 18, 2012

(heart) books

so, recently i have more time to browse about anything during work hours *uhuk*. somehow, i found a link to bookshelfporn dot com :)) at first, i thought it would be blocked because of the name but apparently not. i kept scrolling the website for some time and although most of them was just a picture of books and shelves, i really liked it. looking for some inspiration for my own future library or bookshop. well, i don't know if hard copy books will still be found by the time i have my own library/bookshop.

and i also found this:


Rory!!! oh how i miss her. and Lorelai. and other people in Gilmore Girls! as you probably know, she was such a bookworm in the series. i think she is never far enough from books. people even made a Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge :)) for me, she is one of (fictional) people that inspired me to read more books! i suddenly remember Dean's story about her. one day at school, Rory sat reading her book, so deeply that she didn't even notice a fight that happened in front of her. that was the time Dean started notice and attracted to her. awww. until now, i still thankful that i finished the Gilmore Girls series when I was in Tilburg. Thank you fast internet connection!

then i stumbled upon the underground new york public library. it was really interesting to see those pictures. i really liked the idea and the web design. besides the various fashion style, i was happy to see there were still many people read hard copy books while sitting, standing, even walking! i was also surprised when i saw many elders still read thick books. it is motivating me to read more and mooree! considering the height of unread books stack i have, now i'm trying to read a book whenever i can. currently i read two books, one i always carry it with me and one on my bed, to read before i sleep. should finish them before new year!

it is a rare scene to see people read books in public transportation in Indonesia. well, now, mostly they play with their phones or tablet. even if they have a book in their bag, i doubt it will be comfortable to read it because of the crowd. especially on weekdays, when most of the transportations are packed with people, leaving no space to open a book. but i think we still can read it if we are sitting.

few times, i saw people read a book on the bus. one in transjakarta, a young woman standing and reading her book. the bus was not too crowded but not too empty either. i found it really strange to see her like that. haha. once another young woman who sat beside me, reading Qur'an on the bus. at first, i didn't really pay any attention until i looked at how she opened the pages. I think she opened it from right to left, but read it from right to left. I guess. hmmm. maybe she was memorizing. or maybe i was wrong.

the ultimate scene was on a fine morning on my way to work when i saw, again, a young woman, took out a book from her purse. a glimpse on the title: "dzikir dan doa untuk suami idaman". now THAT's something, isn't it? :))

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