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So, in 2012 there were......only 12 posts! *tutupmuka*

The least ever. What really happened?

New year's eve in Leeuwarden. Had exams on early Jan. It was supposed to be a holiday after that, but i was searching for an internship and i thought it would be better to stay put. Just in case any news came. I spent two weeks basically doing nothing particular in my room. On the third week, i got an internship in Philips. I didn't do much on my birthday, just had a nice lunch with my roommate. This month, i finally went to Volendam!

Moved to Eindhoven, started my internship and thesis. New city, new place, new challenges.

Thesis, thesis, thesis.

My grandfather passed away. From the story i heard about his suffering, i think this is the best for him. May you rest in peace, grandpa.

PARIS! once is not enough to see Paris, my friend. I thought it would be warmer in Paris than in Netherlands, but i was wrong! I still needed to wear three shirt under my jacket. I like this trip more than before because the weather was much much better! Je l'aime!

There was also my friend's wedding, my first Indonesian-Dutch wedding in Leeuwarden. It was a very simple and nice wedding, although they didn't use any particular Indonesian wedding tradition, except wearing the kebaya. Stopped by in Groningen and have some tour in the city center.

Finally i had the chance to go to Keukenhof. However, it turned out to be one of my bad day. At first, i and my friend in Rotterdam planned to go on the second week, but my friend said probably it would rain on that weekend. So, we planned to go on the third week. I also told the plan to my other friend in Tilburg because she wanted to tag along. However, on the night before the day, my Tilburg friend cancelled it because she had a paper work. No problem, i still have my other friend from Rotterdam. That night, we agreed to meet in Den Haag central station and take the bus to Lisse, where the Keukenhof is. Ok, everything settled.

On the d-day, when i was on the train to Den Haag, my Rotterdam friend texted me, she could not come. Great. Arrived in Den Haag, it was raining. And freezing. Grreat. To boost my mood and warm up my body, i bought a cup of choco. I sat on a cafe, thinking, should i go today? should i go back home? heck, i've been waiting for this. I'll go alone! Now or never!

Walked to the information booth, asking for the bus to Lisse and the officer said, "there's no bus this weekend to Lisse. you have to go to Leiden first and take the bus from there."

my dear God.

Fine! i took another train to Leiden. Well, i had never been to Leiden before, so i decided to go for a walk around the city *gamaurugi*. After visited several cities in Netherlands, i think all the cities look the same. The buildings, the city plan, the windmills. Btw, i bought another jacket here and wore it double with my other jacket because it was freaking cold! in April!!!

Later on, proceed to Keukenhof. It was really beautiful and thank God the rain stopped. My quote of the day: "could you take a picture of me with this/that?"

Thesis, thesis, thesis.

Thesis, thesis, thesis. d'oh.

failed my thesis defense. Lalalalala~  Although i still worked on my thesis, i went to Dusseldorf and applied for UK visa. Planned to go sometime on August. Truly wished by that time, i already finished the thesis.

Got the date for my second defense! Got my UK visa! Finally! Yippie! I moved the trip schedule after the defense. I had my defense on 17th, my flight to London was at night, the same day. Haha. 17th August 2012, landed in London and new title in my pocket. One of my winning moment.

I fulfilled your calling, London.

My last day in Philips was on 21st, i was walking to the bike parking lot with my friend, he said,
"finally you will go back home."
"yeah. time flies, doesn't it?"

Couldn't describe the feeling, sad and happy in the same time. Maybe sadness took a bigger portion.

The morning view in Philips neighborhood. Last day, saying goodbyes to the ducks

On 23rd, i arrived safely in CGK.

I didn't expect to have a culture-shock in my home country. The prices, the people behavior, the fashion styles, the weather. Until now, i'm still amazed with people wearing jacket in Jakarta (except riders).
I don't know if i am lucky or not, but on early September i already got a project to work on from my friend. As a helping hand, i thought, why not, i have nothing to do anyway.

Oktober, November
Busy with work in the project.

Finished the project. Well, actually i have to resign because i got a new job in January :D
I bought a bike! How i miss riding a bike!

That's all for 2012, i think. As you can see, until August, it was all about the little vicious word that i mentioned a lot. The rest, nothing really interesting....That is why, for this year, 2013, i bought this book:

In the past two years, i wandered around some cities, finding the places of interest. Now, i have lived in Jakarta for some time, but i don't really know this city. To make my weekend more interesting, probably i'll spend once or twice a month to visit the places in the book. Can't wait to see how it goes!

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