Sunday, April 07, 2013


Lately i've seen a perpetual debate over taking a PhD or not. Or even a master degree. Is it really worth it? Is it gonna be useful for the future career? Some people encourage others in taking a higher degree, some people don't see its worth. Or if it is decided to take a higher degree, should it be the same education background or cross background? or management? Which one will give more benefit?

For me, for now, i don't want a PhD. Why? Because after i met some PhD students, i could not see myself as them. During my master degree, i also realized that I am more a practical person than theoretical. Although sometimes when i see a PhD friend, a tiny little voice in me wants the same thing. but (un)fortunately, this tiny voice lost the votes from other voices :p

It has been a dilemma for some people about this because the reality is even a PhD degree will not guarantee a better life afterwards. One example, a post doc researcher became a taxi driver in singapore. I didn't mean that a taxi driver is uneducated or else but for a researcher, he deserves to earn much more than a taxi driver, doesn't he?

yeah, it will come back again to money. that the PhD educated taxi driver just try to pay the bills. i'm kinda tired with this.

a master degree/PhD? Why not? If you really want, take it. why can't we take the same or different background for our next degree? If we take the same background, it's good that we can have a specialization. Or if it's different, we can broaden our own knowledge. I don't think there's something wrong with those choices. This thing always reminds me of the scientists from centuries ago, when one can learn a broad range of science disciplines. Why we have to limit ourselves now? Why can't we pursue knowledge for the sake of the knowledge itself? or for the sake of our curiosity?

Why, people, why?