Saturday, August 10, 2013


i met her in school and all i can remember, we became close friends. she was really talented in art. it was in her blood, she was born from an artsy family. a happy family of four. being a sister from one little naughty brother often made her angry and sometimes brought the angry mood to school. but we still can laugh at that.

years later, we were not in the same school anymore. passed college time with distinction in social major, she tried to look for jobs. but not so many decent jobs landed on her hand, not like her other friends. one day she said she was a bit shame of what she had, not as what she expected before. with her achievement, she expected a better life and opportunities. a year later, she continued her study. parents and peer pressure were her motivations to do even better this time. i asked why she didn't take art, the best talent i see from her. she said, "art is my escape, my sanctuary."

finished her master with an outstanding result, she had more options. after thought about it carefully, she decided to take a job in another country. we rarely see each other, yet we still keep in touch. although it became less and less. sometimes if she went back home, we went out together. but one thing i realized that we now live in a different world. i don't remember when this is happening but the silence between us has become longer each time we talk. a simple hello has become only a courtesy.

she is one of my dearly friend. she is one of the people in my life that makes me realized that people stay temporarily. that in some time in your life you came across someone, they stayed with you for a while and then they parted away. like an intersection point of two lines, when you walked away from that point, you realized that the distance between you and them are getting bigger as you walk further. but they are still your people who leave their footprints in your heart.

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