Sunday, October 27, 2013

an afternoon stroll

Don't know why, i was really bored today and wanted to go somewhere, out of the apartment. There is this place that i know but never have the chance to visit it. Then, i decided to go there and explore. After 5 minutes ride with the bus, i arrived.

I tried not to put a high expectation for this place, but this was a pretty entrance. 

Well, i'm sure it will be easily recognized with these buildings...

yep, it's taman menteng! :D

I don't know since when i become a fan of park. But, there is this tranquil feeling when i sit and enjoy a park. It also happened today in this park. This was my view from my seat.

And i like the details of the bench.

It was more than my expectations. There were more than just trees and grass. There were also fountains, kids playground, basketball court and futsal court. Many people strolled around the park, took photos, or just relaxing on the bench. I thought the weather would be hot but the trees did their job well. Some breezy winds could make me forget about Jakarta hot weather for awhile. A cherry on top, there was also some people practising with violins! Free live music. Accompanied by a book, i just had a perfect Sunday afternoon :)