Sunday, January 26, 2014

27 my age!

yes, 27! i'm pretty satisfied and grateful for what i am right now. there are still many milestones i have not reached yet. but i think it just a matter of time :) and my effort :))

as always, i pampered myself on my birthday. well, it was actually on D+1 because 24th was Friday and i worked full day. so, here it goes!

1. Nyamnyamnyam!
Been waiting for this for some time and finally.......sushiiiiii! :9 nowadays, i try to be more careful about what i am eating and there are some news that said sushi is not halal because of the ingredients. but then i found on twitter via @HalalCorner there is sushi halal in jakarta! yay! it's D'Sushi Bodo!

I ate about 10 sushis and miso soup, it cost me less than Rp.50.000, it's Rp.46.000 exactly. Cheap? Super cheap! The taste? well, let say i had found a better taste before. but it is still ok for me :9

2. Life

Yeah, i watched two movies in a row, in a different place :))
I've heard about Walter Mitty's good review and it was enough to make me want to watch it badly. Coincidentally, Mitty was also on his birthday when Mitty's quest started. Despite of the story flaws and my disappointment for the negative/photograph, i really like the movie. It's funny, many can relate to the movie, and talk about the view! and i like Life's motto.
To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.
Lastly, the soundtrack was also good. When i searched the soundtrack at home, found the astronaut plays "Space Oddity" on space! Wicked!

After watched Mitty, i had a doubt about American Hustle. Is it gonna be an anticlimax for my day? Or is it gonna be better? I don't know if American Hustle can beat Mitty. Well, it has a better review. As other twisted movie, American Hustle was a bit confusing for me. It twisted! D'oh. I think Bale was perfect. In the end, between American Hustle and Mitty, was a draw.

That was all for my birthday! Until next year! :)

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Ojat said...

happy 27! :D

Lafrania said...

thanks! :)