Sunday, January 05, 2014

Pieces of 2013

Hello again!

Well well well, it's 2014 already and i had only 7 posts for 2013! shame, shame, shame! X(

Anyway, what happened in 2013?

1. A new job
So I decided to be an 8-5 employee. There was a time when i could not imagine i would work an 8-5 job. But then, this was not bad, not bad at all. The office is located in Thamrin that made me being part of Jakartans morning struggle for transportation. What an experience. At work, although I was new, I was involved in a pretty big project which consume most of my time. I worked overtime quite often. After the project was finished, all of my friends, my parents, even the security officers in Pasar Festival (where i park my bike) were surprised every time I went back home early! Nevertheless, it was a good experience for me. I learned many things and it helped me to adapt faster.

2. Exercise and eating habit
Speaking of bike, I started riding a bike everyday to the bus stop. I guess, I just miss NL. In addition to the bike riding, I started exercising, jog or swim, every weekend, as often as I can. I also change my eating habit a bit, more veggies and fruits, less red meat and fried foods. This was a good habit that I should continue on for the rest of my life!

3. Read (and bought) many books

Like a lot of it. I usually have a book in my bag and on my bed. I tried to read anywhere and anytime. This year, I kinda bought them without thinking when i'll be reading it. In my defense, better bought it than regret later! So there is one high-unread-book-stack right now. I'm afraid the stack will always be higher than the read-book-stack XD

4. Write less :(
I actually had a lot of free-time during weekend but all i wanted to do just lying on my bed. Read book or playing games. Was it just a laziness or i lost my interest on writing? I even have not finished my writing challenge. D'oh.

5. Pulau Bira Trip!

This was an office gathering in Bira, Thousand Islands. So beautiful and it was my first time snorkeling! Me likey!

6. Year end trip!
So I had a trip to east Java: Ranu Kumbolo-Bromo-Tanjung Papuma, to be exact. I think, this was the first time i stepped on east Java. As far as i remember. Although the weather was not so great, it was really fun. There should be another post about this ;)

It's a wrap! Overall, it was a fun fun year, alhamdulillah. But the best is yet to come. Bring it on, 2014! ;)

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putri setiani said...

Novelnya john green recommended nggak fra? :D

Lafrania said...

baru baca yg the fault in our stars. bagus! recommended :D