Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#16 200 words

My coffee just arrived when i caught a glimpse of her on the door. With her usual cheery smile, she walked and sat in front of me. There's something special with that smile. Maybe her pinkish cheek that went beautifully with the smile. Or maybe her eyes. I couldn't decide.

She asked about my weekend casually. Most of the times, my story was short. Then, I asked about hers. Sometimes her story was short. Many times, her story was long cause she laughed so much. How her eyes were gone every time she laughed, I could not get enough of it. She always playing with her hands when she talked. Either for supporting her story or playing with her hair.

For a long time, I dearly wanted to hold that hands.

"Hey, Rio? Are you listening?" she moved her hands in front of my face and her frown made her face looked funny. I chuckled.
"Yes, i am listening," i moved my body toward her, "You think you love this guy you've just met twice and you are gonna meet him again tonight?"
And she continued her story again cheerily.

I guess, I still need to wait a bit longer.

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