Friday, August 14, 2015

a quick update


just a quick update. all those past months? well, i'm pregnant! wait, i was pregnant, now i am a mother of a lovely demanding daughter. i don't know what happened but since i was married and pregnant, blogging was not in my to do list anymore. maybe because i couldn't find the time among the house chores. maybe because i was just lazy :p but most likely because we had a crappy internet connection back then. not only blogging, twitting, facebooking (rarely update, just silent reader), plurking, not in my mood. i even have not finished any book in my never-ending-book-stack this year! can you believe that!

but, i hope it will change, since we already have a pretty fast internet connection (woohoo!) and i'm on maternity-leave-which-i-thought-i-would-have-plenty-of-free-time-NOT!, i'll try to find the time for my resurrection to the world!

and this post is the first step.

2 komentar:

Ojat said...

masih gitu ngeplurk? hahaha.... :D

Lafrania said...

masih dong. tempat nyampah tanpa war2 segala macem :P