Saturday, March 05, 2016

About resolution

So, it's March already and I've already failed on my resolutions. Or, in a different point of view, have not done any.
Read 3 books per month. Nope.
Join writing competition. Nope Nope. I passed two deadlines. But I managed to join an instagram challenge: #30haribercerita, although I didn't fully write for 30 consecutive days.
Write a sentence a day on a journal. Nope, but nope. I even specially bought a journal for this. (I blamed the long baby crying night for buying things I dont really need. haha!)

The thing is, I am still quite struggling on balancing among motherhood, work, and myself. What I mean by myself, is me doing my thing like reading a book or writing a blog post or anything. I know some people prefer to do their things at night, after the baby is asleep. Now that's the problem. For me, baby sleeping = me sleeping. Nursing makes a mother sleepy too, you know. And sleeping is also my thing!

I need to figure this out.

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