Friday, April 15, 2016

About social media

How many social media account do you have? I have Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Line, and Instagram. Some people asked me to join Path. No, thank you. Five are already enough. Nowadays, mostly I become a silent reader. I don't have the urge to update every account anymore.

If I rank it, my least social update is on Facebook. I think I have to 'clean' my timeline because I often  see many bad/sad shared stories or (virtual) wars. Bad for nursing mom ckck. Fourth, Line. I only use Line to contact olshop seller. Hahaha. Next, Twitter. Maybe because I am kinda visual person, so looking at full text is a bit tiring. Second, Plurk. Mostly people in Plurk because they are bored/tired of other social media. Well, me too.

Right now Instagram would be my first social media that I check. As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. Its 'explore' feature will makes you, "how did I end up here?" Seriously, looking at pictures is more relaxing and interesting than texts.

Nah, who am I kidding. I'm into Instagram for shopping. Hahahahaha. And giveaways. And quizzes! I already won two quizzes, got a free book and two free movie tickets. Not bad eh. It's not that I eagerly chase the prizes, lempar-lempar buah manggis aja lah. No pressure.

So, a few Instagram accounts I recommend:
1. Shops

2. Story/Comics

3. Eye candies

That's all. Hope you can enjoy them as I do!

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