Saturday, February 25, 2017

I choose to stay

Last year, I was trying to add more blogs to my feeds. Most of my blog friends has not updated their blog for a long time (years!). Then I searched for other peoples's personal blog.  A blog that not just telling me about their traveling stories or fashion or whatever they show off on the blog. I want to know about their life. Their daily struggle. Their opinions about things. Their silly stories and jokes. Like old times. When the blogosphere were simple and...less sponsored.

The rising of internet user and social media has shifted how we do with blogs. We are not blogging for pleasure anymore, we blog for work. Or even abandon our blog because social media is more interesting and easier.

And then I was thinking about my blog. This blog. I started on 2004. I write what I want to write. My daily life. My babbling. My dreams. It was fun. People start blogwalking and making friends in real life. But now, it seems people have left this side of blogosphere. Even I make less and less post each year. Should I left my blog too?

But it's too much stories written here. Almost all my ups and downs, the big moments I shared. This blog has become a part of my life. Thirteen years, and counting.

And then I came across a post by Claradevi. I was like: so, it's not just me who feel this!
And then The Blog Project ID. I was so happy. It's like the universe telling me that there are still people like me who get sentimental with a blog. Haha.

So, I choose to stay here.

And you should too.

written as monthly challenge on TheBlogProjectID

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Yang baru

Gak terasa sudah bulan  Februari lagi. Tadinya masih mikir-mikir mau nulis apa tapi baru ingat ada yang terlewat di bulan Januari: saya resmi berkepala tiga! Biasanya jauh-jauh hari saya sudah menyiapkan rencana kegiatan apa yang mau saya lakukan di hari istimewa itu. Tapi kali ini, karena kesibukan, hari itu berlalu begitu saja. Gak apa-apa karena saya menghadiahi diri dengan: domain sendiri! Woohoo!

Tadinya saya masih ragu-ragu untuk beli domain. Perlu apa engga, namanya mau apa, lamaaa mikir nama yang pas. Awalnya ingin bikin "brand" biar namanya ga terlalu "terkenal" pede banget tapi ga dapat-dapat idenya. Ya sudah, pakai nama sendiri aja, sekarang sudah gak jaman jadi anonimous ya kan. Semoga dengan domain baru bisa nambah pecut buat lebih banyak nulis! Aamiin.