Sunday, September 24, 2017


On a major throwback: I want to suggest people to leave their hometown. No, not just for vacation or traveling for a few days or weeks, no. Leave and stay at another place for a long time. Be the local people.

I have lived in Bandung since I was 2 yo. I spent my whole 23 years in that city. Well, for a half year I worked in Jakarta but I could come home every weekend. I knew I could go to my comfort zone anytime I wanted. When I continued my study outside my hometown, there's one thing that I learned.

I learned how to miss. I missed the place, I missed the food, I missed the air. I missed the people.
I learned how to not take things for granted. Even small things. Small things become important things when you missed it.

For a person that has never been outside for a long time, that is a new thing for me. I hope I won't forget that because it makes me appreciate more what I can not have at that time.

I understand that our way of thinking is also influenced by the environment. Some people don't want to leave their hometown just because nobody around him/her does that. Some people asked why I want to go outside this country. Well, why not? I said, this earth is pretty big and I want to see the other side of the world.

So, pack your bag and leave. Go!